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Hi All

Has anyone any information on using CBD oil for relief of inflammation and pain - I was in conversation today with someone who had had great relief for arthritis?

Completely clueless about this, have researched it and there does seem to be many positive comments regarding lupus and Fibro, could not find anything specifically for PMR/GCA.

Any comments gratefully received!

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  • CBD oil is an anti inflammatory so should help PMR theoretically. It is illegal in Canada and the US I believe.

  • Thanks piglette, it seems available quite easily here, even Holland and Barrett (national health shop) stock hemp oil, which I assume is the same, but as I say I am pretty ignorant of this.

    Would be interested to know if any on this site have tried it?

  • I have seen some discussions on people using it, but cannot remember any rave reviews, although that does not mean it is not miraculous. I notice Amazon sell it too.

  • The food grade hemp oil, also used in skin preparations, you are referring to is almost certainly made from the seeds. CBD oil is a leaf extract. It has no psychotropic effects so it should be legal everywhere, even the most paranoid of countries, but who knows?

  • It is legal in Canada as it is non-psychotropic, but not easy to get. Think one has to order it online. It is actually a byproduct of our hemp seed industry. It's an extract from the leaves. Most of the oil is, basically, thrown away and not used, despite the great number of people suffering from various inflammatory diseases who could possibly benefit.

  • I'm pretty sure, that being cannabis based, it's illegal here too. Maybe it's a small enough amount of cannabis to be sold here?

  • Thats why I am confused but Holland and Barrett sell Hemp oil and it is on the internet ...... maybe it is the way it is produced?

  • There is hemp and there is hemp. Some hemp contains the THC which governments seem so terrified of. Some does not. The industrial hemp plant is useful for providing sustainably sourced fibre. I buy hemp oil which is extracted from seeds. It contains neither THC nor CBD oil. I also eat the seeds. These also do not contain the psychotropic THC nor the non-psychotropic CBD. They are readily available in our grocery and health food stores, and the seeds are even an ingredient in some breakfast foods now.

    It's mystifying that the establishment is perfectly okay with prescribing heavy duty opioids but seems completely terrified of cannabinoids.

    And in case anyone is curious, because I seem to be on a crusade here, I have never consumed in any form the psychoactive ingredient and have no interest in doing so. But I'd like to try CBD oil for PMR.

  • Hemp oil and CBD are not the same thing although hemp oil. Hemp is a cousin if cannabis

  • Hi Lesley

    Regarding CBD oil, I use it and have found it very beneficial. I am a smoker but for the last six weeks or so I have reduced my smoking from 20 a day to 3 or 4 a day by switching to vaping. I put 6 drops of CBD oil in my eliquid each day and am now virtually pain free for most of the day ' unless I over do it' and I am also reducing pred for which I have had no withdrawal symptoms. I am doing the dead slow method just to be on the safe side. Anyway, CBD can be rubbed into the skin as well if your a non vaper. Hope this info helps but remember, everyone is different. Tap CDB into your browser and you can find all the info you need.

  • This discussion is very timely for me. My GP ordered 'medical marijuana' for me this week. I'm in Canada. She gave me the names of a couple of online dispensaries, I download some forms, one for my doctor, others I'm not sure yet,....then I buy it from the dispensary. My GP warned me it is not covered by our senior's prescription plan and might be expensive. There seem to be a lot of different types and ways of taking it. I'm still researching. I would like to hear from Anyone else who has experience with it.


  • I know Animi, its all a bit confusing!

  • I've been using cbd for pain relief since last September. The oil I've been using here in the US is the non-prescription strength so is legal in all 50 states. I am hoping to get a Medical Marijuana Card soon so I can get the stronger cbd. I use a vape pen because I have gastritis and I was concerned about GI irritation. CBD and hemp oil are not the same. CBD is from the stems and leaves of industrial hemp, hemp oil is from seeds. cbdproject.org is a wonderful resource.

    All of that said, I've found I get good pain relief from cbd. With vaping it it takes about 10 minutes for me to feel it working. Dosing can be a challenge, but I have figured out how many puffs I need for different levels of pain. I have no ill side effects from it. There's no 'high' with cbd, no hunger, the only thing I found was if I take more than 3 puffs at a time I need a nap in about a half hour.

    I have found a vendor I like and their product has been consistent and I like the flavors they offer.

    Hope this helps.

  • PamelAnneCT,

    I was wondering what pain you were dealing with but understand if you would rather not say. Mine is chronic abdominal pain. My GP also said it might help stimulate my appetite as I've lost a lot of weight.


  • I have fibromyalgia, PMR, GCA and chronic fatigue syndrome. Pain is all over and waxes/wanes. I'll try and pay attention to how my GI symptoms are when I use the cbd and report back.

  • So you can't just swallow it? I think I've just lost interest for myself....

  • HeronNS,

    Yes you can swallow it in capsules, use it in baking (they sell mixes), smoke it, rub it on your skin, eat candies and chocolate bars, it seems the possibilities are endless.....decisions....decisions.....lol


  • Just out of curiosity how many mg. of cbd oil does it take to take away PMR pain?

  • Hard to say with dosing. My 10mL bottle of eLiquid contains 25mg of cbd. I use 1mL every 7-10 days depending on pain levels.

  • PamelAnneCT

    You don't take it regularly i.e. everyday then? Is there a suggested limit to how much you can/should take? Please, no rush to reply, I might think of more questions later as I research it more. Thanks so much!


  • I use it most days, one puff every 6 hours depending on pain level. I haven't seen any published limits anywhere that I remember.....

  • Hi PamelAnneCT

    Certainly interested in the capsules, if you are already fatigued does it make you more so?

  • Haven't noticed more fatigue although I do get more relaxed if I vape more. Again, no high, but relaxed.

  • Before I was diagnosed with PMR I had a free sample of this: zipvit.co.uk/glucosamine-an...

    It smells of surgical spirit, but it helped. Finding this CBD oil interesting as I'm smoking more than ever now. About 12/day hand rolled.

  • Tobacco, that is not spliffs!!!

  • I have just started using cbd oil, taking three drops a day. I am taking prednisolone and currently down to 7.5 mls per day. Although the Pred was taking away most of the pain there was a residual soreness, in my back and shoulders specifically. The cbd oil does seem to take the soreness away. I have researched the side effects and can only find issues about lowering blood pressure, which for me is a bonus as I have constantly high blood pressure. I was taking two different tablets per day until my GP took one away as it seemed to be causing pain in my calf muscles. So maybe cbd oil came along at the right moment for me!!

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