The diet that kills pain

I have recently purchased the May edition of What Doctors Don't Tell You, with this heading on the front cover. It is a comprehensive article , by Dr. Mecola with a useful page listing friendly foods at the end of the article.

In the same magazine there is an article by another doctor who has used a nutritional approach to PMR with success.

I hope you will find these of interest.

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  • Have you a link? :-)

  • No, sorry. The magazine is the printed version. One can for a fee join for the digital version. I bought the magazine in Tesco. I know Dr. Mercola has a weekly newsletter. You could google him.

    The dr. Who wrote specifically about a patient with PMR is called Dr. Sarah Myhill.

  • Thank you, yes I am familiar with Dr Mercola who is a registered GP in the USA.

    Private practice obviously and promotes everything but Big Pharma Medications and in my observation he is usually correct. My main concern is his attitude to cancer treatments. That's such a difficult subject and only time will tell.:-)

    I receive his regular blog. But was not familiar with "What doctors Don't Tell You"

  • Mercola is an osteopath, not a physician. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that, but be careful. There has been clinical research which supports his claim that diet can reduce inflammation, although it says nothing about ketones, and I don't think is particularly secret!

  • Thank you PMRPete, I wonder if it works? :-(

    He has also released a new book on Dieting, not sure if it is available on the net yet? :-)

  • Just opened the link due to my virus checker giving me a warning. Don't think it's his latest book that he is advertising at moment?

  • This IS worth a read:-

  • Thanks for reminding, yes I have already read it. Raises a lot of questions. I.e big pharma v natures remedies :-( :-)

  • Here is his nutrition plan:-

  • Yes that's it. You must be an avid 'fan' ? :-)

  • Thanks for sharing. Found it very interesting.

  • I've had a subscription to WDDTY for years but am thinking of cancelling this year reason being that the magazine has a few good articles but mostly filled with glossy adverts. Dr Mercola has some good info but Dr Horowitz has an interesting take on this. When my sub to WDDTY runs out I'm subscribing to the CAM journal which really does have some in depth articles. Hope you find this helpful.

  • A friend of mine is a newly retired GP - sadly she has been forced to retire due to having MS. She swears by Dr Wahl's diet for pain relief. I haven't tried it myself but she keeps urging me to give it a go and says it has had a big impact on her pain levels. I like to take my time to accept new diets but some of you may be interested in trying his diet. I am sorry but I have no links.

  • Hi Daisyroo, I believe Dr Terry Wahl created her diet plan when she got MS. I think it is sort of based on the Palio diet. I have heard people having problems as the diet is not fully balanced and so people may find that they become deficient in some nutrients, particularly if they are quite thin to start with. On the other hand people speak highly of it regarding MS. I have not come across anyone who has tried it for anything else but I am sure you can.

  • Thanks for that important information piglette. So this should be a warning. I rather thought it must be safe what with my friend recommending it ....... doctors eh! I must admit I always find the chocolate diet works best for me if I am feeling low :).

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