Pain - an interesting link you might like

Someone on another forum who is attending Pain Management Services posted this link this morning. It is by a former massage therapist in Vancouver, Canada - and a half-hour exploring it has been quite fun! I recognise a lot of what he is describing with the trigger points for example - and he talks about myofascial pain syndrome in the same context.

I think it is well worth a read.

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  • Yes, very interesting!

  • Yes, loved the description of 'muscle fever'.

  • Yes, so did I! First time I've come across an English term to match "Muskelkater", a "muscle hangover" :-)

    Have you looked at his list of trigger points? Wish I could have him give me a massage!!!!!!

  • Ooh, yes - but I've got Bowen tomorrow!

  • This is fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  • Very interesting

  • A person could spend days on this site!! Interesting in deed.

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