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For a variety of reasons I have not been making taking my Magnesium supplement lately. I had not connected it to the awful weakness and stiffness in my thighs and butt cheeks -- which has been getting progressively worse.

However, today, I recommenced my Magnesium tabs and within a few hours -- I am quite a bit better. Not completely -- but there is improvement. I offer this to you-- those of you with stiffness that seems PMR linked but somehow not the whole story.

The steroids are tricky drugs and as we know the upsides are great but the downsides....

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  • That is fascinating. I knew magnesium was important, especially when taking extra calcium as most of us do. Recently I learned I'd been taking it incorrectly, so that I wasn't getting the best benefit from it. I've also had to at least temporarily cut back my calcium and D supplements. Interestingly I've been having very little trouble tapering from 4 to 3.5 and now to 3. Is this because magnesium is being given a better chance to work? Who knows? But I bet it's part of it.

  • Please tell The correct way to take magnesium. Thanks

  • I've got much of my information from a book called The Magnesium Miracle (Carolyn Dean, MD, ND). I think taking magnesium is something specific to each person - the status of their calcium intake, for example. I've noted that we're all being advised to take extra calcium when on pred but, with the exception of Vitamin D, not being given guidance about the other important nutrients. Too much calcium in relation to magnesium can cause problems.

    Like other things, including pred and iron, calcium can interfere with the absorption of magnesium so if we suspect we may need a bit more magnesium best not to rely on what's often in our calcium supplement, but have a separate dose of magnesium at a different time.

  • Hi can you please tell me more about magnesium supplements ... Dose etc

  • I'm sorry, I think the amount of magnesium people need is individual and I'm not competent to suggest things like dosages! You may be getting enough from your diet. If you think you aren't I suggest you get hold of the book I named above. You can probably borrow it from your public library. There is information online as well, eg:

  • Thanks will look for it

  • I hadn't realised the significance of magnesium when living with an inflamitary illness, but four or five years ago before being diagnosed with pmr & gca, I was looking for someone with answers to why I was so exhausted and in pain all the time. Transdermal Magnesium chloride spray was suggested. I tried it with not too much improvement but maybe that was because I had these underlying conditions. I will start using it again and give a progress report.

  • Annie_marie, I also think magnesium wouldn't have helped my untreated pmr but I am now curious to determine whether it can help keep me healthy. Circumstances have changed over the past thirteen months....

  • I take mag tablets every day.

    I will discuss it with the Dr this week.

  • I take it every day and unfortunately I still have developed weakness in thighs and butt cheeks. It looks like having increased my Pred by 2.5mg was enough to worsen my steroid myopathy. But with GCA symptoms still flaring every time I drop I'm in a bit of a conundrum 😏

  • Hello

    What a good idea. I'm going to start taking magnesium and will report back.


  • Hello

    A lot of people taking a lot of different vitamins supplement and what you need it just a blood test to check and confirm what you are lacking of. I was very tired getting cramps in my legs especially at night and I got very surprised of my low level of iron ,vitamins D,

  • Hi, I have been reducing the Pred started at 15 in Dec 15 ( miracle cure in a day ! ) then 12.5 and then 10 for a few months. Waiting for Rheumy appt in 2 weeks but Dr wanted me to reduce more so went to 9. I am having pain in lower back and bottom, so bad I can not stand or walk. I would be interested to know if this might help ? and can you buy magnesium ? and how much you should take ? I was given Calcium and vit D tabs but these gave me such terrible wind pain that I stopped taking them.

  • Lower back and buttock pain can be either or both of myofascial pain syndrome or piriformis syndrome and both are quite commonly found alongside PMR. Google them for more info and a physio may be able to shed some light on management but many of us have benefited from Bowen therapy for both.

  • I've been taking 100 mg of magnesium daily for years, long before the diagnosis of PMR and after. It keeps the leg, foot and hand cramping at bay. However, it does nothing for the heavy, weak cement legs I've been dragging around throughout my 2 year, and on-going PMR journey.

  • May 'likes' are to indicate I've read you're thoughts. Yes you can buy Magnesium. We get ours from Natures Best. Apparently it's really tough to try and see how much Mag anyone needs from blood tests.

    This is proving to be an interesting thread. My achey thighs and butt cheeks are not all gone but maybe eased off a bit.

  • I too get muscle spasm in my bum muscles ... Did you get prescribed magnesium ?

  • You're unlikely to get it prescribed - it doesn't cost a lot from a chemist/drug store.

  • I don't think in the end the Magnesium did much to help but the leflunomide has.

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