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Conflict of medicines?

Hi all, I'm considering travelling to Africa (Gambia) next year, and it's recommended to have malaria tablets, yellow fever and hep A injections. I'm currently on 17.5 mg Prednisolone daily, with a blood thinner (Riveroxaban). Has anyone any experience of taking this concoction, with any adverse effects? I've asked my local surgery and still waiting an answer. Many thanks.

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Sorry but if it were me I would pick somewhere with less health risks. Also consider what medical facilities would be there if you needed them. "Fit for travel" web site and the home office give excellent advice on travel to all the different countries


It's great that you're feeling well enough to plan such an exciting trip. As well as the prophylaxis medications, it might be a good idea to also ask your doctors about the advisability of travelling to certain destinations having been on fairly substantial immunosuppression drugs (pred) for a while.


Why not ask your pharmacist? In my experience they are much more knowledgable about drugs and contra indications than my doctor. The Gambia is lovely I do hope you enjoy yourself, don't get mixed up with the elections in December! Next year should be OK though.


Thanks to all. I'll check with the Pharmacist tomorrow. I'm ever optimistic that by the time I get to go (February) I won't need the Pred any more!!

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Part of me wants to congratulate you for your positivity however being as February is only 6 months away the other part of me is wondering if you are wise with your choice of such a destination having PMR.

Prior to my PMR I travelled to a well advertised exotic island in the Pacific - I fell ill quickly with a respiratory virus & visited the local hospital which unbeknown to me was 3rd world status.

I continued to rapidly deteriorate & if it hadn't been for a smart Dr in the local village which I saw privately, I may not be writing this thread. I had contracted a very nasty viral pneumonia & was breathing on one lung, all within 3 days. I can be prone to respiratory issues & whilst I was fit & well prior to embarking upon my luxury holiday in the Pacific, I was unaware that there had been an outbreak of severe respiratory issues within this region at the time. I was to learn later that there had been deaths from this outbreak.

I will never again travel to such places - one can be left extremely vulnerable & cling to the mercies of another country when one takes ill.

Blessings with your decisions :)


You should contact the Institute of Tropical Medicine to get the authoritative answer to your question. However - I can tell you that the yellow fever vaccine is a live vaccine and as such is NOT advised for patients on any form of immunosuppressant medication such as pred.

This question arose on another forum some years ago - and a medic's response to the patient's question about going without the yellow fever vaccine (it was an advisory not a compulsory) was to ask if it really was worth taking the risk of going on such a trip. You can go to some countries without it - but if there are cases during your stay you may then be refused re-entry to your home country (or other countries you have to travel through) if you haven't got the documentation for the vaccine.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning such a trip - and I can tell you there are non-third world countries I'd think twice about going to if I had GCA! There is always a risk of a flare and your insurance might be a bit iffy about it too.

Is it worth it?


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