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Asthma steroid inhalers and prednisone

Just wanted to share that many asthma inhalers contain steroids, and adjusting their dose can cause problems with the amount of Pred you need for PMR.

Twice, I have tried to reduce my amount of inhaler medication, with my doctors approval, and was trying to reduce pred at the same time-- I ended up going back up on both medicines as my body couldn't handle the total decrease in steroids. I'm taking 180mcg of pulmicort in am and pm.

I'm now smarter, and will only reduce one of them at a time.

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I remember a valuable piece of information a Gastroenterologist once gave me - never change more than one medication at a time.

I have had breathing issues spasmodically & was not aware that oral steroids can do this. PMR diagnosis Jan/Feb 2015.

As I have tried 3 to 4 times this year to taper from my hydrocortisone (sitting at 15mg which is equal to 3mg pred), I can not seem to get lower. I have read on this site that this can happen.

In the meantime the tapering has magnified very mild asthma on my exhalation via a spirometer test - I am now using QVAR 50mcg (preventative) one puff at night. Was asthmatic as child with no inhalers.

The Respiratory Spec initially prx'd 100mcg x 2 am & pm. This sent my head into orbit along with my very sensitive gut.

I will continue to stay at my present 15mg dose & won't consider trying to taper again as this yo yo effect is not great & PMRpro has mentioned in several of her posts that a Rheumy suggests to his patients to stay on 3mg pred for at least 5 months before tapering to next step.

Once warmer weather arrives I will consider trying once more maybe.

Blessings :)


5mg Megams - but remember you aren't reducing relentlessly to zero whatever you are on. If the cause of the PMR is still active, you will need some pred - no getting away from that fact!

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Thanks for putting me right PMRpro - I knew there was the number 5 featuring somewhere and detest quoting someone else and forgetting the facts without information not being at my finger tips......

And yes agreed and understand not reducing relentlessly to zero especially in my case........

Where would I be without you?

Hugs & blessings as always:)

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Talking about asthma medication...I am on a high dose of Seretide which is a combined steroid and salbutamol inhaler( the dose I am on is not actually lisenced but keeps me well so my gp says its a balance between health and fitness and doseage) and my asthma has been so well controlled of late with no break through symptoms at all i am down to 7and a half/ 7 mgs pred for pmr my asthma symptoms are now beginning to appear again!!

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Hmmm....... most interesting to read your post.

It is apparent to me that other than our pesky PMR with its varied & vast intricacies', the taking steroid meds for any length of time can in turn magnify possible/probable old health issues when tapering for some of us.

I say this in light of my old friend "headaches" + the odd very mild "migraine" and of course a wee touch of asthma having returned to keep me company again.......

Where would we be without "steroids?"



I have had asthma from birth until now. Inhalers and Cortisone,until 10 years ago, when my GP took me off Theopyhylline, as it was deemed unsafe. There was no tapering. 3 months later, I developed GCA, and I am convinced there is a connection.Still use Seretide and Ventolin inhalers . My GP,at that time said my immune system would be strong??????? I am 69.


Yes, maybe - but with a lifetime history of asthma you obviously have an immune system that is a bit over-enthusiastic.

Your GP took you off theophylline because it was deemed unsafe? It's still very much in use in 2016 - can't be that unsafe. There are risks with it - as with every drug known to man, but only in certain situations.


I didnt know that PRMpro. He also told me that it had been removed in the USA and S.Africa, where I grew up,but this was a UK GP who took me off it.

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