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PMR vs. Restless leg syndrome

I have had Restless leg syndrome for years. I have taken many different meds. and homeopathic alternatives through the years. Presently, I am taking Mirapex, but it is no longer helping.

Ever since I started walking again after I broke the tibia and fibula above my left ankle, I have experienced restlessness and pain ,especially in the left calf, but also the right calf. It is worse at night, but also sends me out of my chair during the day. I am also taking magnesium, homeopathic tablets for restless legs, and extra strength Tylenol for the pain. These sensations are driving me crazy because of the intensity.

I have PMR, and am presently on 4.5mg of Prednisone. I also have GCA.

Have any of you experienced these kind of sensations in your legs who have PMR.

Before I was diagnosed with PMR, I had restlessness in legs and thighs. It was very painful at times. I thought it was restless legs, but was then diagnosed with PMR.

Please share if you have any personal experience or knowledge about this situation.

I am going to see my surgeon tomorrow, so will also discuss this with him.

Thanks so much for your thoughts.

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I also have restless legs and pmr but have not had any pain associated with the restless legs. I generally get the restless legs when I am overtired or when I have overdone it. I don't take anything for it as I once tried tablets but they didn't agree with me. I've never been able to do anything about it and have a very understanding husband who will sleep elsewhere when my legs start twitching.

I haven't noticed any change/difference since my pmr diagnosis.

I hope you manage to get some answers and the pain sorted. Take care


Thanks for your response. I am having difficulty sorting out the possible symptoms of PMR and restless legs, or if my symptoms are both.

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joyful, although I have experienced bouts of restless leg syndrome over the years, especially during my PMR/GCA days, it was never accompanied by pain. If you are experiencing such pain in your calves whilst at rest/sitting, then you need expert advice and investigation, not least to rule out any sign of DVT. I do hope you will get some answers from your surgeon tomorrow - restless leg syndrome is nerve-wracking to say the least.


I will certainly ask the surgeon about the DVT. Thanks for your observation. I had not even thought of this problem. I will let you know what the doctor thinks.

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Have you had your veins checked for DVT? I only ask because you say it is since you we immobilised after a break. My husband developed a DVT after surgery and he sat and fidgeted constantly in the car as he couldn't get comfortable (I drive most of the time, it's fine ;-) ... ) I see Celtic has asked a similar question - and the nightime pain/discomfort bothers me too.


Thanks PRMPro,

I certainly will talk to the doctor today. I hope it is not DVT, but it is worth investigating!


I saw my surgeon today. He said there are no symptoms of a DVT. He thought my symptoms are most likely restless leg syndrome. He said that after surgery, the leg, calf, that has been affected by surgery will have these extreme symptoms of restless leg or shooting pains in that leg for a period of time. He said that it does go away with time and healing. He took X-rays of my ankle and it has healed very well! Thanks again for your kindness.


That is good news!


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