Are you using painkillers? What do you use and what do you think of them?

Many people find that, as they reduce their dosage of prednisolone, their symptoms of pain and stiffness return. If this happens to you, do you use painkillers to help you through? Or perhaps they help you to get going at the start of the day? Share with others what you use and how you use them.

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  • Hi Kate

    I have been using prescrib ed Co-codomol for so many years now but I try not to use it daily as I believe it can cause dependency. Cuprofen is a great one for more immediate relief of inflammation and it is an over the counter 400mg dose so is high strength and good to keep around. I was recommended this by the ER department when I had inflammation in my foot and the relief was immediate so I use it for stiff neck and general aches alongside the steroids.

  • Yes I think Cuprofen is good too, now I'm off steroids (over the PMR, touch wood), but I was told not to take ibuprofen products while on the steroids. This is certainly something we as patients could do with more clarification on.

  • Hi Kate,LIKE JC1950 i was using Co-codomol for a while with 2 paracetamol but then ended up with Tramadol with the Paracetamol when things get tough but it is so strong you feel tired for a long time so i may try the Cuprofen as suggested.

  • you think tramadol made you feel more tired? I take tramadol feel tired and weak most of the time. something to think about

  • I take tramadol and it works well for pain relief, the problem I have is heavy sweating, on my head only, it gets so bad that I have had to leave shops because I am embarrassed as it runs down my neck and face, it often looks like I have just got out of the shower, I am sure it's tramadol doing this as I have been on them before taking steroids and it used to happen then, can anyone give me any advice, as how to deal with this please

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