Vitamins and supplements while on Prednisolone?

I take both - basic vitamin/supplement package, omega 3, collagen, and calcium* (*taken separately from the pred). I'm on 10-12 mg of Prednilosone currently. I thought they were ok to take but I've suddenly found some posts that say thought was that anything to boost immunity while on steroids was a positive thing?? All of them are from Arbonne, which has no artificial additives and is all plant-based... high quality products... Has me wondering now, because the Hamster cheeks have arrived in all their glory - 6 mos into me being on the steriod :( Asked doc why now and he said, no reason. Just did.

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  • Hi Zacsmimi, taking supplements to boost the immune system while taking pred is a bit mad as you are taking the pred to suppress the immune system. Just because a product is natural does not mean that it is OK. Why do you think you need these supplements? You should be taking vitamin D and calcium to counteract side effects of pred, but I am not sure about the others.

  • I guess I was thinking to protect me from other infection. But what you say certainly makes sense. Sigh. Da**ned if you do and Da**ed if you dont.


  • The supplements you named look like they are good for the bones. I don't know why you wouldn't consider continuing them. It's doubtful they'd have much effect on the immune system at least not enough to undermine your pred. Just my opinion, though.

  • The hamster cheeks are due to an excess of corticosteroid in the body, the pred - not to anything else. It changes the way your body processes carbs and that leads to fat deposits in certain places. Some of us have found cutting carbs drastically helps avoid it and even to lose weight.

    As for taking supplements of that sort - most experts will tell you that you don't really need most vitamin ones if you have a good diet. Calcium and vit D when on pred is a bit different and needed.

  • Omega 3's, calcium and collagen aren't going to stimulate your immune system or harm you. In fact, omega 3's from fish oil, krill oil, and nuts, is a miracle food for your body. It can actually boost the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs, lower triglycerides, and cholesterol, among countless other benefits. It also has been linked to reduced memory loss! Check out Web MD.

  • As many others have said vitamin D and calcium are needed, but don't take them at the same time as the pred. I take pred in the morning and vitamin and calcium at night

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