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pneumococcal vaccine

Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have had PMR for six years . Am currently taking 7.1/2 dose of Prednisolone, plus Adcal, Amlopdipine 10 mg, and 20 mg Omeprazole. Have received a message from doctors' surgery asking me to contact them regarding a pneumococcal vaccine. In view of the amount of medication I have and am taking I wonder if this is advisable especially as I have had very bad reaction to flu jabs. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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That isn't a lot of medication really! I can trump you by 2 or 3!

Seriously though - it is something to discuss carefully with your doctor. It is advisable, like the flu jab - but being on pred may mean you don't develop immunity in the same way and it is recommended that both the types of vaccine available (PCV13 and PPSV23) be used, preferably in that order, (one after the other with a period of months between them) in the older patient and the patient on corticosteroids. This to improve the development of immunity.

All the documentation is insistent there are few side effects - so it is worth discussing with your doctor why you may have had a bad reaction to the flu jab. There are experts who agree that the flu jab could be associated with the development of PMR. But there are people who have had the jab but no PMR and people who've got PMR who had never had the jab.

I haven't been asked yet - but my husband has had his now and was fine. The one year he missed his flu jab he caught flu and developed pneumonia which took months to clear! He needed no encouragement to have the jab I can tell you!


Thank you very much for your quick reply, it was very helpful. I will discuss it with my doctor before making an appointment. Thank you again.


Ditto to PMRpro re meds!

Had vaccine couple of years ago, probably at same dosage as you with no problem. But always wise to talk it through, especially if you've had problems with flu jab.



I have had flu jabs annually for years with no problems. Last year 3days after my jab I got PMR.. Maybe there is a link,my rheumatologist said in his letter"interestlngly this lady has developed PMR 3 days after her flu jab". So maybe he is thinking there is a link.. I would talk it over with your Rheumatolojist.


I've had the flu jab for years with no issue. Had the dual injection for pneumonia two years ago, shortly after receiving the diagnosis of PMR. At that time I would have been taking around 25 mg of prednisone. As with the flu issue.


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