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Hi from Whittlesey

I hope all are well. A lot of physical things going on lately. The pred is currently down to two MG's/day.

Have had hip surgery. Recovery became problematic due to the meralgia paresthetica (inguinal tendon wrongly connects to the lateral cutaneous femoral nerve).

Had to lighten up. Was later taken to the ERoom due to vomiting and fair thing. They found blood clots in my lungs. They are using blood thinners to treat. May put a wire mesh near the heart. Waiting for oper. on the meralgia Paresth. Two months they believe.

Am o.k. now. Home from hospitals and rehab.

Excel phys therapist visiting nurses -- will work around d both the hip healing and metal Paresth. Trouble w breathing but dealing w it.


If anyone has has experiences w any of these, would you let me know. And how the GCA works in?

Thank you

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Poor you, Whittlesey - as if GCA isn't quite enough to be going on with! Although it does sound that on the GCA front at least, things are going well. However, don't hesitate to increase the steroid dose slightly with all the trauma that is going on if you feel the need. I do hope that the good care you are receiving continues and that you soon feel better.

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Thanks Celtic. Will do. Hadn't't occurred to me, but that may help.

Thanks, never thought of myself as "poor you" -- just "keeping on" keeping on --- but - whew - it's a lot.

Merry Christmas ---


You really did cop it didn't you - all I can say is get well soon! Hope your next post is from a greatly improved Whittlesey.

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Quite, PMRPro.

Have a good relationship w God, I believe -- which helps.

Breathing is going well.

Thanks PMRPro

Good Holiday


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