Reversing osteoporosis part 3

Routine visit to GP to get pred prescription renewed. Asked about getting more info from the bone scan as I don't even have the T score. Told that the doctor's office does not get this part of the report, I will have to go to the hospital where procedure was done to get the info. Can you believe it! Not inconvenient for me as I walk past that building nearly every day, but still. Second thing, apparently she had not yet requested an appointment for me with the osteoporosis specialist and after a discussion where I once again refused the medications for OP she said there probably was no point referring me to the specialist. She was encouraging about my use of weighted walking vest and we also discussed my iron level which is down even more since last test in June. She recommended going to a health food store and asking for a liquid iron supplement, which I've done, and that unexpected recommendation cancelled out my disappointment that she is so gungho about my taking OP meds. She was dismissive of my concerns about diabetes as a pred side effect and worries about simple carbs.

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  • I was wondering if you had tried Tai Chi as it is supposed to be good for osteoporosis. It also seems to help PMR I have found.

  • Yes, thank you. I had actually signed up for tai chi as one of my activities before the diagnosis. I am definitely going to have trouble mastering it, but determined to learn. I was pleased to learn that it was good for what ails me, and that is a good incentive to keep trying! In fact after I catch up with my internet world I am going to play the next section of the best 4 hour tai chi tutorial on youtube and practice!

  • Good luck with the Tai Chi.

  • Had my first visit with the physiotherapist today. I'm visiting her specifically to deal with inflammation and hopefully help me reduce pred dose effectively. Hopefully bones will also benefit. She did a very thorough assessment. Then we proceeded with the first treatment. It consisted of me lying on my front with a small (about the size of a large hand) pad with multiple LED lights on it placed on my lower spine. It got pleasantly warm. Three 7 minute sessions, each time the lights slightly repositioned. Next visit in a week's time, if I show no adverse effects (she says it takes a while for the body to get used to the treatment, hence the first one is always shorter and only uses one type of light), I will get up to an hour of therapy with the LEDs being followed by infrared. If I'm not a wreck tomorrow it may be because of the treatment as I rushed twice to catch the ferry, both going and coming back, and also went grocery shopping. but I don't anticipate any noticeable effects for about three weeks.

  • Have just read an article on Vitamin C being important both in bone healing after a fracture and in helping prevent or slow down loss of bone density.

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