Reversing osteoporosis - progress

Some of the reading I am doing indicates that some of the same things that cause osteoporosis can also cause inflammation, which in turn increases bone loss. Some of the symptoms that people with PMR have can be caused by nutritional deficiencies and often these are also implicated in bone loss. Some kinds of calcium are better than others for people taking glucocorticoids (prednisone).

Every one of the medicines prescribed for osteoporosis is in the long run (and sometimes sooner) poisonous to healthy regeneration of bone. Taking the right kind of calcium and a balance of a number of other nutrients is more effective in increasing bone mass, and in this instance the bone will be normal. We need more than calcium and vitamin D3, however. I used to try to be tactful towards people who are taking the OP medications as after all this is their choice. Today I say, please get off them as soon as you can and try the "natural" treatment. It takes more time and effort but your entire body will benefit, perhaps even the PMR may fade more quickly? Let's hope so!

I've just received my "weighted walking vest" all the way from Texas complete with 10 lb worth of steel ingots, and an extra 5 lb for years to come. I'm starting with 5 lb and it is way more comfortable than a 5 lb ankle weight in a backpack! The ingots weigh just ounces so the skeleton can be challenged every few days with an additional load.

Other strategies - a better bone-friendly supplement, Tai Chi and walking, even more attention to diet. A lot of work, but I am convinced it is the right way to tackle this problem and I will never take a big pharma OP drug.

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  • What's OP?

  • OsteoPorosis

  • Good luck with your suit... do you wear it under or over usual clothes? I am keen to exercise and eat right for inflammation and calcium too and include green leaves at least once a day and sardines as often as I can. I'm a little confused about the dairy as the coconut milk alternative ... which I love .. has sugar aftef water as it's biggest content so really think Los fat yoghurt and skimed milk more beneficial. Have you any pointers as to what is the right food for PMR?

  • Hi Adnamaxx. The suit itself is very skinny and could be worn under a slightly loose top, but I wore it (yesterday was first day) over my shirt and under my jacket. It is only to be worn for an hour or two a day a few times a week as the idea is to challenge the bones and muscles with "new" weight. That is why the extra weights that can be added as I get accustomed to the current weight will be useful. Look up Hyper Vest PRO on the internet. It's designed for bodybuilders, but the company was interested and pleased to find out that people with osteoporosis were discovering it. There is a page about osteoporosis on their website, but I always have trouble finding it. A book that seems to pull together a lot of what I've read on the internet is "Your Bones" by Lara Pizzorno and as a lot of her advice regarding nutrition seems to address reducing inflammation in the body I expect the same advice would apply to PMR. Calcium is better utilised in the body if a whole suite of other nutrients are present - Vitamin D3 being just one (Vitamin K, boron, and a few others are also needed).

  • HeronNS - I do so wholeheartedly agree . Could write a lot more but am pushed for time right now. I'll just say for now that I will not be taking any medication other than the necessary Prednisolone.

    What I want to know at the moment is - why can I see this post but not the one headed Zoledronic infusion ? If the site is down then surely that would be for all.

  • Try putting Zoledronic infusion into the HealthUnlocked search bar.

  • No need to as there is more information on D r Google than I'll ever need. My point is - why would one post be 'blocked' and not the others ? Just intrigued.

  • It wasn't blocked to me. Unless you are thinking about a different post.

  • It was odd - as it's OK now, but yesterday it was the only one that had 'Sorry we'll be back with you asap" (type) message in 3 languages. The other post opened as usual. No problem - I'm just curious.

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