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I live in Miami, Florida. It is very, very hot here, now. I simply can't stand the heat. If I go outside for only a few minutes it's unbearable. I had been walking for about 5 miles with friends on Saturdays and Sundays (with a breakfast break in the middle :-D ). However, now I just can't stand to be in the heat. Does anyone know if this is common with GCA and PMR? I have read comments from some of you that you can't get sufficiently warm. Are any extremes in temperature extra hard for us?

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  • I live in the UK, and have had GCA symptoms undiagnosed for 2yr. I have temple burning, and it is much worse on hotter days, or when I am hot from activity such as housework or working on my ward. Here in the southeast it has been warmer than we are used to and I'm struggling. I am dreading Wednesday as temperatures are going to reach 30 degrees, and on my ward it will be hotter.

    Last year I went to Turkey and on exiting the terminal I wanted to board the plane and return home, today I have blow dried my hair 5 times, so I do sympathise. Tomorrow I'm on a day off and will be sitting in the shade. 😙

  • Asbeck, yes what you are experiencing is very common. Steroids themselves can cause hot flushes, and hot sunny weather will just exacerbate the problem. I sailed through the menopause years ago with very few hot flushes but when GCA/PMR and steroids arrived on the scene, I developed many hot flushes and head sweats leading to an itchy scalp. The head sweats in hot weather have remained to this day, three years into remission.

  • HI Asbeck,

    I presently live in Edmonton Alberta (Canada) and I grew up in Ottawa Ontario (Canada). Hot and muggy is the norm for Ottawa in the summer, while Edmonton has a much drier climate.

    I have had PMR for 2.5 years and I suffer greatly from the heat. I must be careful

    as heat exhaustion will sneak up very quickly. I would not enjoy living in Ottawa anymore. It is enough to deal with the drier heat of Edmonton.

    AC is a must for me, and I stay out of the noon day sun......I garden in the cool of the evening!

    You will need to adjust to this manifestation by taking it slower and being mindful of

    fluids and hats and sunscreen and search out the shade!

    Best of luck to you ,


  • Oh definitely yes. I so look forward to winter and I am in the UK too. I find humidity unbearable even if the ambient temperature is only around 20deg C. I don't get hot flushes, but my head pours with water and it runs into my eyes causing sore eyes from the salt. And then my hair curls! AARRGGHH!! But at least that doesn't hurt.

  • I want to thank all of you who responded. You keep me sane. When somebody else has had the same problem, then I lean toward deciding that I'm not crazy. I liked the walk with my friends, and it was good for me. Maybe I'll drive a car to the breakfast destination the night before and start walking an hour before the rest of the group. It's much cooler here just as the sun is coming up--maybe low 80s F. (And then drive back.) We eat at an area friendly to boaters. There is a shower there. Maybe I'll arrive, take a cold shower and await the others. But even so, I'll miss the talk during the walk. It makes it easier. And I'll miss the walk back (always the hardest). I have a treadmill--the dreadmill. I guess I can mimic the walk back on the treadmill. Sigh. But I'm feeling better in general. So there's hope. Thanks again.

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