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Heat Intolerance

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Hi Everyone,

In you posts, I have not picked up on anyone linking their PMR with a new found intolerance to higher air temperatures.

My wife's onset of symptoms and diagnosis was autumn last year.

Her tolerance of heat was never in the "sunworshipper" class but this year her intolerance kicks in at relatively low levels.

This year she needs to dive for the shade and pull down the blinds at say 22 deg C whereas last year this might not have been the case until say 28 dec C.

Anyone else noticing this phenomenon ?

It could of course be unrelated to the PMR. But if it is PMR related I would be interested in the mechanism that brings this about, if anyone knows it.

Regards to all,


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I think it may be more the pred (I assume she is on pred since you say diagnosis?) than the PMR. I had PMR for 5 years and didn't really find heat a problem, even when we were at our flat here in Italy or with the caravan. However, I really did find heat sapping once I was on pred.

Last summer we were in China and I had been quite concerned - but I had no problems, even with the humidity, and when we got home we had a heatwave which all the locals were complaining about and I found no bother! I was on only 5mg at the time and felt very well, I suspect the PMR may have had a short period of remission, but I had a flare in January and am on a higher dose again. We haven't really had any summer yet - more a monsoon by our standards - although we have had the odd day of 25C and I've been OK.

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isabella2015 in reply to PMRpro

Binz I suspect I have had PMR long before it was diagnosed and have certainly found the heat very uncomfortable even before the preds I put it down to going off hrt nearly 2 years ago and too much weight. I also sweat a lot and people ask me if I've been swimming. I'd like to say "perspire" as that's what ladies do, but no I sweat!

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binz in reply to PMRpro

Thank you as always PMRPro.

Your post really fuels the imagination. You know - hill top village, surrounded by olive groves or vineyards, long summer, outdoor living, a summer drink (or something stronger) at hand as you sort us all out. Strangely for once it sounds as if our Summer is out of the blocks ahead of yours. Sobering thought though - we are only 10 days away from Midsummers Day.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to binz

Nah - bottom of a ski slope and surrounded by mountains actually! Olive trees wouldn't survive our winters but the vineyards are getting closer - there's one a few miles away now as global warming allows them to flourish at higher altitudes. The regional wine is very superior stuff ;-)

But on a sunny day we do stop at the Alte Post (the pizzeria) in the village on the way back from our walk for a beer and a Birdy (the local name for Aperol spritz)...

Here, have a look


and our village features on this page


The upper picture is the view from the pizzeria outside tables of the post office and the supermarket and the couple in the lower one are drinking Birdys...

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Kay60 in reply to PMRpro

can i book in with you fro week lol


You realise you will now have a string of visitors sitting outside of the pizzeria in downtown Brunico-Bruneck waiting for you to put in an appearance! Great place to wait. It looks wonderful.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to binz

They'll have to find it first - Bruneck seems to have "borrowed" our village! Hope they paid our commune for copyright!

I noticed just the other day that being in the heat even the shade made me feel sick. So I am carefully pacing myself when outside. And I really sweat😎

Hot is too hot and cool is too cold. Rinse, repeat. ;) I carry a sweater and dress in layers so I can add or remove clothing (often several times in the same day). I HOPE its the steroids as my menopause has been over for many years!

I am really struggling in the heat this year, my first summer with PMR.

I am in the states, in the Northeast - New England. We haven't even hit hot days yet. Very late in summer's start...

It's a year since my diagnosis and I overheat at the slightest exertion or if where I'm at goes over 75F. The sweats are drenching and wearing layers is mandatory. UGH

Hi. Sorry to hear about your wife's heat intolerance. I have had pmr for 2 years now and am only just getting resigned to the pain and inconvenience now. We go to Tenerife twice a year (28 degrees at times this year) and have only found the heat beneficial. Perhaps it I is a hormonal issue? Obviously I dont know your wife's age. The Heat made me feel so well that I could manage a reasonable walk most mornings. Swimming was an effort but I persevered and felt better for it. Also prior to developing pmr I used to perspire considerably, most embarrassing and uncomfortable.

The heat plays a major part.

I'm a sun seeker. But when I'm in the heat I sweat like a race horse. It doesn't stop me though. It does slow me down.

Hi Binz. I have had PMR since mid December. I live in the USA and just came into the house from feeding our horses, totally exhausted, weak, and pouring sweat like rivers, after what should have been minimal effort. I have noticed over this hot summer that heat exhaustion sets in very rapidly, and even small farm chores leave me weak and wobbly, and in need of liquids, rest or even sleep when I return to the house. I understand that the excessive sweating is a side effect of the prednisone, but don't know if the weakness/exhaustion is from the PMR or the pred. I hate the weakness, but with the pred, at least I am functional, especially when the temperature is reasonable. I don't know if this information is useful to you, but reading your post just as I collapsed at my desk in front of my fan made it seem timely at least. Best wishes to you and your wife.

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