Just this morning, I was suggesting heat patches for back pain. Now, I'm saying "Please be careful". Joyful13 and TooSore...watch what you use. I had been using Tylenol Precise patches.....but, they've recently been taken off the market. After hubby discussed the pros and cons of the patches with a pharmacist ...settled on Salonpas Lidocaine. Used one just before hubby left for a doctors appointment....within minutes was in a scary situation. Sudden, extreme fatigue, strange numb feeling in my head and neck, swelling of my tongue and throat. Called a neighbor to come over.....After three hours, I'm feeling better but not totally well. I'm very sensitive to most meds but was not expecting that. Even after researching, mistakes can be made. Normally would not take a new med if hubby was not nearby....Won't be using those again.

Hopefully, this will stop someone else from making the same mistake.


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  • Sounds like an anaphylaxis type reaction. I'm sure you were very frightened. When swelling involves throats and lips call 999, paramedics carry the injections needed to reverse this. If you were to use the patch again the reaction can be worse second time. I'm sure you won't, but look carefully at ingredients so you don't accidentally use another med with those ingredients. Glad your ok, scary for those around you as well

  • Yes, Runrig...it does seem that way. I might have been more frightened if I hadn't experienced some of it in the past with Pred and GCA. Once, went into my Rheumy appointment with my throat closing. He agreed and said the airway was open...so not to worry. (????) Amazing how the mind works. I was afraid I might lose consciousness so grabbed some little papers with phone numbers and the box of patches as I walked into the greatroom. Wanted someone to know what the culprit was ;-)

  • That's seems a contradiction your throats closing, but don't worry your airway is open. Doctors !!

  • I tell you some rheumies come from another planet, possibly where the inhabitants have several airways!

  • Isn't that the truth !?!

  • Gills???????

  • I don't like the patches either, I think it's a control issue. I use a pack filled with beans that I microwave. I can control the temperature and can put it on and off as I like. You can make one with cracked corn as well.

  • A long sock half filled with oats and put in microwave makes a great comforting heat bag round your neck.

  • I've recently discovered an aloe vera based heat lotion that works for me - and I too tend to be sensitive to many medications - but always worth checking the ingredients. The pepper based lotion the rheumatologist gave me produced a skin rash but no such reaction to this one so far.

  • I use a microwaveable pack too. I think this particular one has rice in it as well as some fragrant herbs like lemongrass.

    I've got sensitive skin but have done well for relief with an aloe-based menthol camphor gel called Sombra Warm Therapy. I'm in the US and get it on Amazon.

  • Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I often use essential oils in a carrier oil....I had some success with those. Maria40, do you know the brand name for the lotion ? I checked on Amazon....believe I found something. SusanEleven, I'll check out the Sombra product. I'm very careful checking ingredients but obviously not careful enough. I have two microwaveable packs. One is filled with corn and the other is filled with cherry pits. I have another that is filled with a gel like substance, too. After having so much pain for so long....I like having products on hand. Sometimes one won't work yet another will. I want relief and I want it fast ;-) I know I can't cure my illnesses but I'd like to be as comfortable as possible.

    I've just ordered a Quell. I'll post to see what is known about it on our site. I'm desperate so will invest in any product that looks like a possibility. One never knows.

    Thanks again....blessings to all of you, CJ

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