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Please can you confirm if Surrey Support Group Meeting is this Wed 15th OCT 2014?

My husband and I would love to come to your Surrey Support Group meeting this Wednesday. We have checked that it is not too far away, and it would be so nice to meet some of you.

Kind regards - Healthhopes

p.s. (I did send a very long email to Celtic, but somehow I think it got lost, maybe because my email address was not on it - I'm not too clever on this machine since my mind has become frazzled. Good excuse for being on steroids for nearly 2 years!)

Virtual Hugs to all - Hang in there each and everyone of you lovely folk and keep smiling - it helps x

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Healthhopes - in case Celtic doesn't see this I have just contacted someone who usually goes. She confirms it is Wednesday at 1.30pm this month because the consultant who is speaking couldn't make the usual day and time. The hall is in Chertsey, just down the road from Sainsburys and there is a carpark opposite - make sure you have change to pay.

If you need any other info I'll try to find it for you.


Thank you PMRpro that was very nice of you to confirm the meeting in Chertsey, Surrey.

Sincere regards



Here I am, Healthhopes, and I have answered your personal message before coming across this one - I hope you will find it. I have also given you my email address in case you have any further questions before Wednesday. Many thanks to PMRpro for stepping in with information and confirming Surrey's meeting on Wednesday at 1.30pm.


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