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I can never thank this group enough - THANK YOU


I can never thank this group especially 'PMR Pro' for helping get my father diagnosed - you will see my battle from previous posts regarding my very poorly father who was treated so badly and un diagnosed at Colchester Hospital for 9 weeks, but with your help and guidance I fought to get him home and well enough to travel to see Prof Dasgupta at Southend hospital and today we have a confirmed diagnosis of GCA, so at least we have a plan forward.

I shows that these groups are so valuable as without this group I truly believe my father would no be here


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I do hope Colchester will learn something from this disgusting exhibition on their part. I must put a large notice up for when people are looking for doctors in Essex!!!! Avoid CGH!!!

You aren't the only person to be less than impressed...


That is amazing news riannabri! Your father is a lucky man to have a tiger of a daughter fighting his corner. Well done! Best wishes to your dad for a gentle ride from now on. PMRPro is a total star, you are right! ⭐️

Hi Riannabri

What a great daughter you are.

You fought to get you father the best care you could and succeeded. I know this kind of battle takes a huge amount of physical and emotional energy so please also look after you.

I wish you and your father all the best xx

Hi,. I am so pleased you have got your Dad the help he needed. Take care Jen.

So pleased for you. So disappointing that we have to jump through all these hoops but well done for persevering ! Yes help given here invaluable. Thank you all!!!

What a scary episode, and thank goodness you had the strength to persevere. Hope your dad improves from here on.

All good wishes for your Father's recovery.. and yes, look after yourself too.. 😘😘

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