Our first ever Southwest area support meeting please coma along and support us. If enough support we could change area for other meetings

Our first ever Southwest area support meeting please coma along and support us. If enough support we could change the area for other meetings.






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Derek TEL 07792494861

Please excuse that this is not a personal email but I am aware that I have not been in touch with several of you for a while and I do appreciate of course it is a very long way for you to come up to Taunton to our meetings. I hope that you are coping well with your condition at the moment. Please remember if you have any questions or are having any difficulties do not hesitate to email and if there is anything we can do to help we will. We also find it very useful to learn of your experiences which might be of benefit to others.

I have just had a very kind offer from Sally to host a friendly "get to together" over a cuppa in Plymouth and would like to invite you to come along on Friday 21st March at 2pm. I am going to come down with a load of literature which you might find of interest. If there is enough interest Sally is prepared to organise several of these meetings each year. So I have my fingers crossed you will be able to join us, although again unfortunately this is still going to mean quite a journey for some of you.

I look forward to hearing from you again. If you are able to join us on 21st March let me know and I will give you the address of the venue or alternatively please call Sally on 07712 277 622 which is a mobile number and she will call you straight back to save charges.

Best Wishes

Wendy and Sally

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Thanks for invite, but must decline as I have now joined Club Zero and wonder is anyone intending to meet in a group format for ex-steroid takers? raymck

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Just wanted to add my tuppenceworth to Celtic's post - the presence of recovered members proves to new patients they are not heading for the end of their world! We can tell them as many times as you like that things get better - you are the living proof!

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raymck - please don't feel you have to decline Wendy and Sally's invite because you are now steroid-free. Members of Surrey Support Group who have recovered and are in Club Zero still attend our meetings and can offer a terrific amount of help from their past experience of living with PMR and/or GCA, as well as offering a big morale boost to other members who are striving for light at the end of the PMR tunnel and zero Pred. I'm sure you will be a welcome asset to Southwest Area Support.

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Thanks Celtic, Your remarks are spot-on as usual! I always looked forward to your feedback and still do! I should have said that Plymouth is a long way for us North Somerset types, but I have been to the Taunton Group and felt welcome there of course, so must thank them also for their efforts in hosting us. Long may they continue. raymck


raymck, thank you - I'm blushing! Yes, long may the support groups continue to thrive and mutliply (in North Somerset too perhaps one day!), and long may you continue to enjoy your steroid-free life too! All the best.

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