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Roundup: What Top Pelvic Health Bloggers are Talking About


One of the things I love best about blogging is the opportunity it’s given me to meet and interact with other bloggers in the pelvic health universe. And to be sure, there are some real stars out there! Just in case you haven’t spotted them yet, in today’s post, we’ve corralled all of the most recent, must-read posts from our favorite pelvic health bloggers. Enjoy!

To read the "Roundup" in its entirety, please click the following link:

2 Replies

Great idea, will this be a permanent feature? makes it easier to catch some that got missed.

I love reading about other peoples experiences, sharing knowledge and just knowing I am not alone in the wider world is a huge help. In my immediate world, its very hard for others to relate to my pain, understand why the energy suddenly runs out, or why the body doesn't co-operate.

paininla in reply to zanna

Zanna, please leave your comment on the actual roundup blog, so the blog's authors will know that you liked it and perhaps they will then make it a regular monthly feature:

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