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Info On Gn RH Analogue Injection

Hey just to update you all. Was back seeing my consultant this week and because i am still in pain what he wants to do next is try a Gn RH Analogue Injection (Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone) Instead of operating right away. This will shut down my ovaries, well my ovary that is left.

He is giving me the injection for a month first then if i have been ok with it i will be given a three month injection, that way i won't get a period in that time, and if i don't get pain then he will know for sure the pain is related to that area.

He needs to give me the injection when i'm in mid cycle which means i am getting it this coming Thursday.

One other thing that makes my pain worse and i always get the pain the week before i'm due to start my period, i tend to get bloated and get wind, my consultant said i would get this as when he done the laparoscopy and found the damage the ruptured cyst had caused, as parts of my ovary had stuck to other organs, my bowel and other parts are actually stuck down.

So if i get a positive result from this injection then he is more keen to bring me back in for a bigger operation and hopefully get to the bottom of things, and whilst he is operating he can fix what else has been damaged.

I'm really nervous about it all, i can't live with this pain forever so i feel this is something i need to try. Just scares me cause there can be complication with any operation, i just hate thinking things could get worse rather than better if anything goes wrong.

Has anyone ever had this injection?


Dee x

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Hi I had these injections for 4 years (should only be six months). They helped me a lot although I have developed other problems from having a frozen pelvis due to failed surgery for endometriosis 4 times (now scar tissue causing major problems). However the injections helped because no periods for 4 years! Although the first 3 months I felt moody on them but it was better than the pain. I got used to them in the end. If you need to know anything else please message me. I was also told they shouldn't have done the surgery (made it much worse and nearly ruined my bowel) so if you need to talk I understand what you are going through. Thanks Mel x


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