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chronic pelvic pain

titanium back have tried many avenues to relieve pain. at first pain so severe would colaspe on floor. with pain clinic, whirlpool massage i just walked outside for first time in a year successfully wearing support and standing absolutely straight. But, if i bend turn wrong way, pain is so severe it takes my breth away.. have many devices for stim. tens, massage eqiptment, moist heat, . i can now barely function well enough to volunteer work. many time i have to take strong pain relivers. when i stand up after typing this, it will be excrusiating. i have to sleep on side that is not affected and get into car backward. sometimes i just feel like giving up. But will not My husband is very supportive. I also have depression and am soft bipolar, which does not help. anyone else like me? My husband and physiciatrist are my two support people. i don't like to talk with others about this as they seem to be bored.

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I'm not too sure what to write, but i thought i'd just say sorry to hear about your pain it must be awful, you are so brave! Its horrible and I don't know of any magic answers unfortunately, I hope that you can share some more, and maybe find the answers you need, x

Is it nerve pain? keep asking the docs questions , hope u find some answers



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