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post menapausal pelvic pain

I have a had chronic pain on the left side of my abdomen around the top of the pelvis, I have had it for over a year, I have had 2 ct scans and an mri which have revealed little, the mri showed oesteoarthritis in my neck betweeen c6&7 which was diagnosed 2 years ago, I also have oesteoarthits in my lower spine at L3-4, as I am 57 my gp says that this normal for my age, I saw a consultant who thought my abdominal pain was nerve damage and that I would have to live with it, I find amitriptolyne helpful and I am currently weaning myself off co-codomal as I aim to control the pain with amitriptolyne and excercise, until a year ago I worked full-time as a district nurse, can be heavy work, and walked for miles every week with my dogs, for 6 months I could hardly do anything, I can't go back to District nursing, however have been lucky enough to get a lighter part-time job still in nursing, I am slowly getting back to the life I had before. All my health problems seem to have started since the menopause, I had HRT for 2 years with no problems, before then I was fit and active, I am wondering if any one eslse has has what appers to be muscle and joint problems anfet te menopause, or am I just getting old! I was fitter a year ago, than my former workmates who were up to 20 years younger!

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Sounds like you have had a rough time.

Perhaps the heavy work you have done as a district nurse has speeded up the development of oa. I know trauma can set it off in much younger people.

As for the menopause causing it, not sure. Maybe time to get your hands on some research papers and read up about it.

Don't dispair though, with a bit of exercise, you can prevent things worsening and the fact that you were very fit before will help too. Maybe a trip to a sports physio could help as they are very good at treating injuries. They will also give you very safe exercises to do to keep your joints as mobile as possible.


Thanks i have been to a physio whao has helped and given me excercises to do, I am a lot more active now and return to work next week, got a new bike today that has lots of suspension on it so my joints don't jolt so much, looking forward to getting out on it when the weather warms up England has been very cold the last few days.


Hi, I get pain on the other side around that point, but it radiates and is intermittant, but has effected my life so much. Is your pain there all the time and how long have you had neck pain and is it on the same side? Did they give you an all over MRI when figuring out what is wrong with you?

I am around the same age and was fine when on the HRT also and probs have developed since going off it.


Not as cold as Scotland :) lucky you getting on a bike, its the one thing I can't do anymore


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