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capsican cream for pudendal nerve pain

hi all, i was reading on the hope site that capsican cream can help when used topically pain for pudendal nerve pain , it does say it can give a burning feeling effect til you get used to it,which can take a few weeks to ease off , has anyone tried this? if so how bad was the burning feeling as i am desperate but certainly don't want to make what is already there worse, it is meant to work by gradually diminishing the release of substnce p that sends constant pan signals to the brain....

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you have to water it down ..ask the depends where you ae putting it actually says on the tube to apply with plastic gloves and if you find it is burning wash it off with dish washing liquid so i would be careful...i could not use it ......and instead use a 10% compounded lidocane instead ....... your dr will have to perscribe it .... and ice is free so that is an option. i freeze water bottles ...good luck....look forward ....God bless


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