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Possible Pudendal nerve problem?

Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with provoked vulvodynia 3 months ago, and just recently I started to have a lot of pain on my left side when I'm sitting. It's right exactly where pudendal nerves are. But I don't have any urinary problems, no incontinence, or pain. It's just a constant burning. My vulvodynia is mostly effecting my left side too. I never did any heavy exercising, never had surgery, never had a child. I did squatting for only like 4 months. Do you think it can be PNE?

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Have you ever fallen? Pudendal pain doesn't necessarily cause urinary issues. Google Dr Lee Dellon and read his free Pain Solutions book. I fractured my sacrococcygeal ligament that caused pudendal pain, which healed over time. PNE just refers to an entrapped pudendal nerve but that is very rare


Excessive sitting and genetics can also cause pudendal issues. If you're on Facebook look up the pudendal hope neuralgia closed Facebook group


I think you need to go back to your Dr. I did not have urinery problems with PNE.

Someone else may respond on this site with more knowledge and advice.

Wishing you all the best. Let us know how you get along.


Pudendal Nerve entrapment is unfortunately not rare. One just has to Fin d a really good pelvic pain consultant to get a diagnoses.


Thank you both for your replies:)

Pepper1977: No I did not fall. But I read somewhere that pudendal neuralgia or PNE can be caused by an inflammatory disease and although not proven I think Vulvodynia might be one.

I asked my doctor and during my rectal examination he pressed where my ischiatic spines are and it hurt really bad (on my left side.)

He said that even if I do have problems with my pudendal nerves, Lyrica would be the medicine he'd advise. (and I'm on Lyrica for the last 3 months)

I'm in Turkey and I cannot find any doctors specialised on pudendal nerves.

Do you think 4 months of not-so-heavy squatting can cause this?


Hello, I live in Illinois, I'm a male dealing with symptoms of PNE, I've read that it's not common in men, can anyone shed light for me?


Hi, try looking up a uro-neurologist in your area. Neurologists either don't know or don't want to know about the Pudendal Nerve. If it was a female I would say either a urologist or gynaecologist rather than a neurologist to get the initial diagnosis. Make sure you go to a pain management doctor who is experienced at treating the pudendal nerve. Most surgeons may want you to have steroid injections first to reduce the inflammation. This may be enough to free the nerve. You may need four - six weekly injections.

The pain management specialist may recommend a good surgeon to decompress the nerve if surgery is required. So make sure you choose your specialists well for the best possible outcome. Good Luck.


Hi there, like you I have vulvodynia which is mainly left sided. I started out by seeing a gyno for the terrible burning and pain with sex. My gyno actually compounds his own remedy he has developed which is a cream with several nerve medications - gabapentin, amitriptalyne and a few others. I used this for about two months on my outer and inner labia and it helped get rid of the burning. I also started seeing a internal physio therapist who worked wonders on my trigger points on the left side as my muscles were very tight and causing a lot of pain. It was a life saver. I recommend you try this if pain persists and practice pelvic relaxation exercises. I also recommend buying a foam roller. This changed my life. I have a leg length discrepancy so this is the cause of a lot of my problems but my pain with sex is hardly even there anymore. I did have symptoms of having to pee all the time but this lessened with the physio.



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