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meds for pudendal nerve entrapment


so tomorrow folks i have a double appoint booked with g.p, he had been building me up on pregabalin for my pne,i have got to 525mg a day and am feeling absolutely no pain relief whatsoever and now the pregabalin are giving me bad side effects ( they're nor even helping my fibro which i have read pregabalin can help) they are affecting my stomach/bowels now, so want to come off them,( have been on them a while now, can anyone suggest any meds that DO actually help them (if only taking the edge off) , i would appreciate any feed back so i could ask the g.p tomorrow,cheers everyone!! love ej x

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I take cymbalta EJ. I used to take it with gabapentin and did try pregabalin for a while with it too but like you I didn't find (either) that effective and both had side effects which far out weighed any tiny positives.

NICE guidelines do recommend the combo of anti depressant like cymbalta and anti epileptic drug like pregabalin for nerve pain but it is an experiment to see what does help individually.

H x

cheers helen,see doc today,got to gradually wean off pregabalin, then review what to do next ,i am on 50mgs of amitryptiline, but to go on duloxotine i have to come off amitriptile altogether for a couple of weeks, i e mailed dr de mellos secretary and she says no news about injections yet and dr de mellos on holiday now, but she will tell him about my e mail when he returns(don't know when that is as she never said ,so i will give it another two weeks then e mail or ring her again, in the meantime do as g.p says

Jaws,Ihave suffered horribly for almost eight years.I have been given almost every drug.they went to the trash ,since they did nothing.Ihave narcotics for my horrible days,but on a regular basis Itake Gabepentin 600mgs. Through the day.I found Skelaxin dulls my pain almost as much as opium.Two4mgs put me flat,but do ease spasms.S Tay away from amitrypteline ,much,much weight gain,I started needing cholesterol and blood pressure meds.done with that! Good luck. I have just done a video on you tube,titled pudendal pain. I'm going in the morning to Minnesota for pudendal entrapment surgery We'd. 1 pm. Hallelujah Judy Rentz

I searched for 10 years for a cure for PNE. finally, a Swiss doctor prescribed Rivotril for my an anti-epileptic. the anti-depressants, surgery, nerve blocks and electro nerve stimulators did not work for me. But, the Rivotril seems to have made a difference. I'm also taking a small amount of Gabapentin with the Rivotril. I may try cutting back on the Gab shortly, to see if the Rivotril by itself will work.

I also tried the Cymbalta, but there is bad withdraw problems with that drug. Also, have had surgery at Johns Hopkins and nerve by Dr Stanley Antolak, near to Mayo Clinic.

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