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Please help male make 2013 a pain free one

Hi im a male middle 40s have had athiritis both knees and foot due to club foot when born.

My walking is minimal been on crutches for many years, and use mobility scooter outside.

In 2011 october i just got of the sofa and my back clicked i was rooted to the spot for over ihr i couldnt moove my son helped me back to lie down.

but i was in agony went to doctors and he told me it could be wear and tear and due to my dissability i cant walk very far so i do a lot of lying on sofa day to day. A month later when urinating it slowed down a bit of hit and miss.

Then in march i was told i had an enlarged prostate by doc i had urine retention and was in hospital when i told them about my back they done a mri scan great to hear nothing showed up appart from slight wear and tear due to bing in middle 40s and my dissability .

in july as out patient i seen urologist who done digital examination and was told not prostate and further investigation will take place in near time ,since then 6 months past i had a lot of pain in lower back constantly numb with buttocks numb and testicals feel like electrical currents running through them.

since march 2012 i have had a lot of bladder problems and constantly going to toilet every hour i have had to wear adult pads (nappy) 24/7 as i have been having leakage problems and night wetting when a sleep .

i have had physio therapy and hydrotherapy in august to september it helped slightly but when the physio was over it was back with a vengance i asked the physio could this be pudental related he said he has never heard of pudental what is that he said i was dumbfounded .

now i am awaiting for further tests but you know the nhs go sloow is there moto please has any male/ female had simmilar problems i just want to know i not alone with this pain in the backside i take medication daily for athiritis tramadol and have been on vesicare solifenican for bladder and get my adult pads /nappy diapers through the nhs.

When i stand up on my crutches the pain dies down but when i sit it comes straight back

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I have dealt with the pain for ten years. It wasn't until I was refered by my urologist to a special P.T. at S.L. reg hospital in salt Lake that I finally got relief. after nearly a year of shock and massage therapy of my outer and inner anus muscles, did I see relief. Also, She recommended I purchase a prostrate cradle which I have done and it has helped. She also had exercises for me to do.


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