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Whats causing this pain?

I have had six weeks of doctor/hospital visits and am really fed up and disheartened as they can't find what's wrong with me. I'm a 30 year old female and have been suffering with really bad pelvic pain, symptoms have been a dull ache accompanied by sharp pains in pelvic area and lower back, pain whilst passing water and during intercourse. Intially I was diagnosed as having PID and treated but pain didn't disappear..various tests done which are all negative also seen a gyneacologist who ruled out there being a gynealogical reason for my pain. I'm finding it really hard to cope with the pain and just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and got to the route cause?

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Could be pudendal neuralgia. by sharp do you mean burning? does your bladder hurt and burn? x


Hi - I have been back and forward to hospital for over a year and have tried private consultants to get an answer to my pain, with no joy.

They believe its damage to abdominal wall and/or nerves, but they are not sure. I live on pain medication and it does very little, but if I don"t take it things get worse very quickly.

Am waiting for new year to discuss med review as have four lots and can take upto 16 tablets a day on a bad one. Please don't get disheartened its not in your mind and push for answers.

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Hello i was diagnosed with pid twice and then finally diagnosed with interstitial cystitis last year. It may be worth looking this up and seeing if it matches any symptoms you have.


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