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hi guys

hi all, been a while since i posted, i got feed back that via the n.h.s the ct guided injection won't be til april,so dr de mello has offered me a transvaginal nerve block into the pudendal nerve to see if that will help and am soon to have it done,yet to send me appoint but have been told end nov,beginnning of dec,i hope it helps i need something,high dose of pregabilin did nothing to help it

also they have offered me some physio for "down there" area! which starts the 15th nov

so fingers crossed that the injection works as i am trying to be optimistic instead of pessimistic, love to all xx

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That's good news, that it'll be sooner than April. I really hope it helps you. Let me know how the physio goes, would be interesting, haven't heard of anyone in England offering that kind of physio before on the NHS. best of luck.xx


There are specialist maternity physios who treat the pelvis, pelvic organs, and pain who work within the NHS. Although they are generally treating acute poblems, their knowledge and treatments can be applied to chronic pain too.

Privately, sports physios are very good at targeting and treating pain and working out its origin.


I wonder why there is such a long wait for a CT guided injection: was there any explanation for this ? what happened to the 14 week wait ? transvaginal nerve blocks are not the same as CT guided. Transvaginal blocks have usually been done by gynaecologists following childbirth trauma etc.


dr de mello said it was to do with him battleing with the nhs powers that be for the funding to set it up at his clinic in manchester on the nhs ,i expect he would maybe be able to do it privately but i can't afford it ,so i think i have been offered the chance to try the transvaginal injection to try to get me some pain relief whilst waiting for the ct guided ones to be sorted out,i think as i am in such bad pain with it(and having to cope with myofascial pain ,spondylosis and also fibromyalgia,and trigeminal neuralgia,maybe he feels anything is worth a try in the meantime rather than just waiting in pain til april,and i will take anything they suggest,apparently i am seeing the physio that deals with pelvic pain,so i will let you folks know what that is about when i go on the 15th nov i have had pelvic pain for years but pudendal probs(pain in the bum for a year now) because with fibromyalgia it can effect trigger points up inside your bits so to speak,it could actually be the muscle problems causing entrapment or it could be true entrapment of the nerve


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