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seat cushion

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hello I am suffering with several nerve issues that cause me much pain (and the feeling of a ball in the vagina) when seated...can someone please suggest a good cushion that take the pressure off the vag area while seated the nerve that is most effected it perdundal....there are so many to choose from and I don't have the money to try them if someone has one that they find to be the most of help I would appreciate it thank you

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Hi; sorry to hear you are in pain. Have you had the 'ball in the vagina' checked out? I didn't spot mine until it was hanging right out of me, because I felt no pain. I found out it was a third degree uterine prolapse. I bought an inflatable doughnut cushion for about five pounds, I think it was. When fully inflated it made chairs uncomfortably high, but semi-deflated was enough to make sitting more comfortable. I use a pessary now, to keep the prolapse inside. I hope this helps.

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thank you my problem was a prolapse I had the surgery to correct it and now have to have it undone du2 scar tissue interfering with the nerves that is causing me so much pain

I understand this, as my pudendal nerve has been a huge issue for me lately as well. I use a ComfiLife gel seat cushion. You can find them on amazon for around $30. They have a handle on the side so you can carry them wherever you need. I toss mine in a beach bag when I’m going somewhere like dinner out. (I can not sit on a hard chair)

Good luck!


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thank you do you turn it around so the u cut out is in the front?

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kellerfly in reply to pizon

I’ve used it both ways. Use it however it is comfy for you. Some days I use it with the cut out toward the back, some days, forward. Depends on where my pain is — and the chair, honestly. Hang in!

I use a theraseat cushion. Its pricey but it really helps and it is very discreet looking with a handle. You can remove the cover and wash as well.


thank you all

I have a friend who swears by the Roho Cushion (Amazon). I am about to buy one to try.

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pizon in reply to sheweaves

Thank you I ordered a cushion made of memory foam just in case we need to cut it out more in the middle I will give it a try ..... I responded to you regarding a dr. in the us please keep me posted as to how you are making out many prayers

I like my memory foam cushion. That being said A Dr just suggested avoiding the memory foam cushions since they hold heat. Just wanted to share.

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pizon in reply to Pinky2233

Thank you for sharing it is so confusing to try to find the right cushion....I'm getting this just to get something quick while I do a search via medical suppliers my inns. will pay for 60% with a dr.'s note....I'm hoping with the cut out it won't get to hot thanks again

Good luck if you find a good one let me know.

Great to hear your ins will cover some that is great!

I just purchased the theraseat because it was made by someone who has had pudendal nerve entrapment. I am going to give it a try

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