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Adhesions showing as a cyst

Hi, I am new to this site. I suffer with pelvic pain due to adhesions. Two years ago a scan showed a mass on my ovary, Gynae opened meup but luckily nothing there, he says it was the adhesions showing as a mass.

Had another scan rcently which shows a 10cm cyst on my ovary. Gynae is convinced its the adhesions again, so I am scheduae for a MRI in September as this will give a more detailed picture, as he and I do not want to open me up again. I had my womb moved 5yrs ago and it took over 6hrs as the adhesins ae so extensive. Just wanted to know others who have had similar diagnosis.


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Do you know what type of cyst this is ? if could be an endometrioma in which case it's caused by endometriosis.

Did you get the surgery report after the hysterectomy ? Are you having the same pain as before the surgery ?


I have had pain since I was 16, thats when adhesions were 1st diagnosed. Had hysterectomy cause of pain and continual bleeding.

I am lucky in that my pain is not too severe just there with me most of the time. Last couple months it is more intense and keeps me up some nights. I dont know what type of cyst he never said, just that its prob adhesions showing up as a cyst, and my CA125 was okay. To be honest he didnt seem concerned so I am trying not to be.

Just most sights I read on adhesions say they dont show on x-rays, but they must as mine are.

Thanks for replying.


Good luck with your MRI scan in September, its amazing how much they can help.

My MRI showed up adhesions in three places, now I understand the pain a bit more I have taken to gentle stretching exercises, only when my muscles are warm - after a bath or in a warm bed. The exercise will not remove the adhesions, but can help ease with the pulling sensation and the pain.

I guess it may temporarily stretch scar tissue slightly. The way I look at it, any small improvement is welcome. I have been to physio and also follow my own routine, if it feels tight or sore I gently stretch and rub the area. It helps to take paracetamol just before exercising to ease any pain which may result. Any have your heat patches of hot water bottle to hand.

I am booked for adhesion removal and hysterectomy in September.

Take care, best of luck :o)


I have severe surgical adhesions from a major op back in 1979 I suffer in agony at times, I have however found by trial & error that if I stop myself from becoming even a little bunged up this helps the pain enormously.


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