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Women's challenge and WEC

Not too long to go now until the Adidas Women's Challenge on sept 11th... only 8 weeks counting so i think i probably should start thinking about training...eek! Looking forward to the run as it's a great day out (after the exercise has finished!!) and will help us raise awareness and funds for the pelvic pain support network. The money raised is to help us send volunteers to the World Endometriosis Congress in Montpellier, a meeting that brings together clinicians, researchers and patients reps from all round the world to share information, discuss current ideas and learn about the progress the scientists are making.

If you'd like to help us raise funds please go to and use the donate now button or better yet join us for the run by going to the more the merrier.

R xx

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I know your PPSN presentation about patient information based on our online survey " What information do patients want and what do they get " was well received at the congress in Nantes in 2009 and we have continued to build on this since achieving the Information Standard for our patient information this year which is a huge achievement. It was hard to raise the funds to go to Nantes but the benefits for patients have been enormous in that we now have accredited evidence based information for patients with symptoms of pudendal neuralgia and other conditions.

We have had two abstracts accepted for the Montpellier congress and are also running a workshop for patient representatives to share with them the initiatives that are happening in the pain field in Europe.

There is also a Turkish patient participating in the Women's Challenge and Jenny has roped in some of her friends too. Perhaps you can all meet up. Hope you all get the support you deserve.


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