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Had a mis carriage in feb since then severe abdominal pain, doctors dont know what it is, found out im pregnant please can you give advise

Hi,back in Feb i found out was pregnant day before my period was due. next day felt like someone had punched and twisted my stomach ended up in hospital few hours later the let me go, with a suspected mis carriage.

A few weeks later was back at work, then week after i collapsed at work due to abdominal pain, and a few days later went to doctors and i kept collapsing, both events went to hospital with them just saying its all in my head when im clearly ill! Doctors have put me on tramadol but it hardly takes the edge off the pain.

Ive had MRI scan, ECG scan and the heart monitor for a day. My head is all fine and i knew that anyway. Went to Gynecologist he couldnt do a internal exam as its very uncomfortable for me, I had a Laproscopy booked but now i have had to cancel as ive found out im pregnant!!!!

The doctors don't know what it is, ive had ultra sound and they cant see anything there, no cysts on ovaries, ive proved that its not emdometriosis with me getting pregnant. Im too young for fibroids. It doesn't hurt when i have sex.

I need advice on what people would do, would they keep the baby and hopefully get better. There are some stories of people getting better after a baby. The problem is that i could harm the baby with this pain or worse harm myself in the process. The pain could worsen but it is quite bad now. Having a baby is all ive wanted, im scared if i have a termination i will regret it. The doctor says the wont investigate if im pregnant as they all go into baby mode, and its a gamble. 50/50 If the pain gets better or if the pain worsens.

I just need some advice please help xx

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Hey, First of all I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, I've had 3 so know how you must be feeling now. If you've always wanted children my advise is to continue with the pregnancy. It's true that the pain could get better or get worst but you will never know until you've had a baby. I don't mean to upset you but this could be your only chance of having a baby :-(.

I've been having similar pains since the age of 9 years old which happened every month, my mum was told it was bullimic as it cause vomiting, because I hadn't started my periods yet, I'm 28 now and they still don't know what's causing the pain despite all tests. I've been prescribed Tremodol too, and the pain management team want me to go on the pill again despite telling then it's causes me to get pregnant (weird I know). I'm not saying it will be the same for you as everyone is different. My pregnancies were unwanted but couldn't have a termination. Do what's best for you and your partner.

I do hope that they find out the cause and treat you for it. Good luck x


The fact that you are pregnant doesn't mean that it can't be endometriosis. The majority of those who have endometriosis do manage to have children.

It sounds as though you are pleased to be pregnant and it should help the pain temporarily. I can understand that the medics don't want to intervene at the moment.

Good luck


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