Istanbul meeting

Istanbul meeting

Trustee Julia Hough and I attended the IPPS/IASP PUGO/ConvergencesPP Annual scientific meeting in Istanbul last month. We presented two posters of the anonymous survey data we gathered on the website a few months ago. The poster about the assessment and examination of those with pelvic, perineal and low back pain won an award for "Best abstract and poster ". Thank you Maria for doing the layout of the posters as we were only given a few days to do this. Thank you to the President of the meeting for printing them in Istanbul as we didn't have the funds or the time to do this before the meeting.

I'm sure Julia will post about her impressions of the meeting when she returns from holiday.

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  • Great news on winning an award for the poster! Well done us :)

  • well done on winning,'best abstract poster'

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