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Prolapse? At 18?

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All my life I’ve suffered with Issues down below. At 12-13 I began finding it difficult to not leak, then at 16 got diagnosed with Vaginismus and then recently I’ve had a vaginal prolapse. I’m 18 and all of what is happening i wouldn’t of thought should be happening to me until I’m a lot older or had many children. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me and I’m struggling to take myself to the doctors after they told my my Vaginismus was all in my head. I’ve also began recently always feeling very bloated I’m not sure if that’s any help but if somebody has any idea what could be wrong with me. I’m just so down, I seem to always have issues and I don’t feel as though I’m ever going to be normal.

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Just wondering if you have IBS and Constipation which if bad enough could be affecting your bladder control and vagina? Sounds like GP is being unfeeling and you must demand to see a Gynae-urology specialist. When people say things are in your head you must go above them. We know our own bodies and it is generally not in our head. I have been told things are in my head but then proven GP wrong after much suffering. Do not let then get away with it. Get a lady GP too.

With a prolapse you should be offered treatment.You are only young so you could be given a lot of help with this.I know how hard it is to be forceful without getting heated at doctors.I tend to just sit there in rabbit in headlights mode. Could an understanding relative or friend go with you to give you support.Write things down you wish to point out and ask for help.Wish you luck

So sorry to hear the problems you are having, especially with not being told its all in your head, My daughter had been suffering from the age of 11 with unexplained pain, her GP thought it was a problem with her not wanting to go to school. I rushed her into hospital a week before her twelve birthday, she was there for a week, all the male Doctors could not find anything wrong, I overheard a Sister say its all in her head. It was only on the 7th day of her being there, that a female Doctor was doing the rounds and felt her lower abdominal area and advised she needed an MRI scan, which resulted in a very large cyst being identified, attached to one of her ovaries, she was then rushed into surgery to have it and part of her ovary removed. You should definitely ask to be referred to a Gynae-urologist, and it would be helpful to have a close friend or relative with you.

It took over 7 years to get my daughters Endometriosis/PCOS diagnosis that was after two more surgeries to remove cysts. She is 25 years old now and I`m really proud to say that she has only in the past year managed to loose 10 stone in weight, because she is finally in the right mindset, she still suffers with anxiety but she manages her physical pain with gentle exercise, and I`m also very proud to say her natural talented ability to make beautiful things with her hands.

It has been a long hard slog for both of us, but you do need to find that inner strength to get the treatment you need, and you are very normal, you just have a medical condition that needs sorting out, I can really empathise with you, please stay strong and get that help.

Sorry second sentence should read "especially with being told its all in your head" went to say "especially with not being listened to" originally.

Kudos to you mom! Standing by your daughter is a sacrifice we moms gladly make! My daughter went through this same scenario too. The medical profession can be brutal. They had told me it was all in my head, then found cysts. Later on I find my daughter going through it again. For some reason I thought the profession would grow in knowledge. My daughter is now 39 and doing very well. She does struggle with some pain, but is managing well.

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So glad your daughter is getting better and you are a marvellous mum... I loved your reply and support you gave to your daughter, strong womenxx

I have had a long, undignified fight, eventually it was what I said, prolapses, but after 20 years of fighting , abusive doctors, wrong surgery creating more pain and still no treatment ( been refused) I am on benefits, lost my home, suffer anxiety and depression through it all, lost my whole life through terrible gynae doctors, NHS and private ( they all stick together) I hope your daughter continues to thrive.... p.s. and I was a bloody good trained nurse for years, I know the system!!@

I would advise you to go to a pelvic pain specialist if you are under the NHS you may have to find a privet one yes it will be expensive but your health is worth it..good luck to you

I am so sorry to read your post: you are far too young to have to suffer with leakage etc.

In my early twenties I was diagnosed with large ovarian cysts and the consultant seemed surprised that I could have produced these things (as if I actually wanted to?!) at that age, so age is no indicator.

Could you please consider seeing a female doctor? She would likely be more understanding. I don't know where you live but if in the UK you can request an appointment with a consultant. Your GP will need to make a referral (in some areas this request has to be approved by another layer of bureaucracy) and it may take some time but it is worth starting the ball rolling. Do ensure that you see a female consultant. Or, consider going privately. This can mount up, as apart from the initial consultation you will most likely need some diagnostic tests. You can ring up any private hospital and ask the cost of all of the above - no need even to give your name if you don't want to.

Have you considered trying Kegal exercises - boring to undertake but they do actually work. These would help with your leakage and of course, would greatly benefit your prolapse.

Above all, please do not do nothing. Wishing you better.

Hi , so sorry for your suffering.It could be a problem with your collagen, IBS, cysts on ovaries, even endometriosis in vaginal wall or on ligaments. Try some type of good bacteria supplement for bloating. Is there a family history of and bowel or ovary cancer??? Discuss with your gp all your symptoms, book a double slot even if you have never discussed with them before.... Good luck

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