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Started with penis pain, and pain in urethra, now tingling and spark pain around groin, testicles and penis.

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Hi everyone as the title says, i have been dealing with pricking sensation in the groin penis area since march 2021. I have had an ultrasound of the testicles and urinary tract done which aslo looked at my prostate which is all normal, had countless urine cultures done all being negative, also had blood work normal, currently waiting on a Pelvic MRI result. When this all started i found doxycycline helped back in april when i had a two week course followed by ciprofloxacin which really helped, but symptoms still lingered and cane back after stopping, not sure if this is an embedded infection or a nerve issue. No urologists are helpful and neither are the GPs.

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Of pelvic floor dysfunction honestly and that's neuromuscular which is what I have so I recognize it even though I've got the female version I think what you probably need is to go to pelvic floor physical therapy and my pfpt sees a lot of men with this... I actually I'm thinking about getting Botox at this point after 2.5 years with it but I have found muscle relaxers and gabapentin both low dose helpful and a lot of people swear by the CBD with some THC in it it can be caused by bike riding or extremely active people... Or super high stress people get it... You might also want to read a headache in the pelvis and try the cureable app for chronic pain because it calms down your central nervous system which is very helpful... It could also of course be an embedded infection but I think you need to look into all that other stuff too...

I had the same issues years ago. Multiple urologists had no idea what it was. I must have taken 20 or 30 rounds of Cipro. I eventually found one in the US that was aware of my condition: Pudendal Neuralgia. Read this book “a headache in the pelvis”. Physical Therapy helped me. It took a while to find a PT that specialized in this. Getting better! Good luck to you!

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