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Nerve Block increased pain for 2 weeks

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I am looking for some encouragement and advice, 2 weeks ago I had an ilionguinal nerve block and ever since the pain that I have been suffering has ramped up even into areas that I did not have pain in before. Has anyone got some experience with this and can advice me on what to expect, will this get better !! I range the hospital who carried out the block to seek advice but they just said contact your GP because it was carried out more than 7 days ago. Is it normal for pain to increase in this way, really wish that I could turn back the clock and did not have this done.

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I haven't done any blocks or Botox but I know from my pelvic floor dysfunction and potential neurological on Facebook that a lot of people get ramped up pain for a couple of weeks before it starts helping

I had pain I je toons in the area of my tailbone. I’m over 4 weeks out and it’s finally coming back k to its original pain level

Lol, injections I mean

So sorry to hear I never had a nerve block but I got an acupuncture needle put into my bum cheek.Hours later I knew something was wrong as I got other pain than what I had before.

The next day I was in agony it was hitting on my bladder . I was getting leg pain, burning bottom, numbness and more pain than usual.

I would not recommend any kind of needles as I don't trust anything now.

Like yourself I wished I never had it.

I'm over a year now and still have the symptoms from that needle.

The P nerve is so different with everyone that's why I think it's hard to understand the cause of it.

Go back to your doctor and insist something gets done.

All the best

Hi Wanbdrt. Can’t offer any advice I’m afraid as this is something I’m considering myself. Like you if there is anybody who already has experience of this would be very grateful to hear about Good luck to every one ou there hope you all find a treatment that works for you

Hello I am so sorry to hear of your pain I too had a nerve block in the same area and it was so numb that it hurt and yes the pain it was explained to me by the pelvic pain specialist that did the block is that once a nerve becomes injected/blocked the surrounding nerves become upset he called them noisy neighbors as if you are having a loud argument your neighbors will become concerned so do the nerves around this area in my personal experience this was the last time I saw a dr. For this condition the area is still slightly numb in that area I now do yoga and meditation to help ease my pain I am NO dr. I can only say for me Personally seeing the dr.’s and taking the many different prescriptions (gabapentin, noratrptiline, amatriptiline, lyrica) to name a few made me so much worse I found a herbalist I am and may never be 100% but am so much better science I stoped getting blocks ect...again I am Not advising you or anyone else not to see your dr. I can only tell you what has worked for me and yes the nerve blocks made my pain worse and it took about 5 weeks for things to settle down...I hope this has been helpful

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Thank you prizon and everyone who posted a reply regarding nerve blocks. I don’t think I will be trying it Other medications not working I am on duloxetine at the moment 60 mg not making any difference. Can any one recommend a good physiotherapy website may also explore herbal remedies.

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Thanks for the reply it does give me hope that things will improve even if it takes 5 weeks to do so, I will certainly never have another block. I am going to look into your suggestions regarding herbs, I am by nature very cautious about these things but let others persuade me that I should give this a try !! and if it had worked it would have given me a quality of life back that has been missing, right now I just hope that I can return to my base line.

I had a bilateral nerve block for pudendal neuralgia. Not even sure I have pudendal neuralgia because no doctor, and I have been to many, has definitively diagnosed it. The block caused the pain to get worse for about a month. It calmed down after that but my buttock on one side still has a deep pain which I never had before the block. I am taking the advice of some others in this group and going to physio, exercising and deep breathing.I hope your pain starts to fade soon. Good luck.

Yoga and meditation the herbs I use are valerian root and hops in capsules form up to 3 times a day I have had much improvement with this I try to avoid stress as much as possible if I can avoid stressful situations it helps much luck to you I truly hope this helps this is the only thing that has worked for me I found the more the dr.’s messed with the nerve the worse I felt

Have had botox injections Into pubirectalis muscles as I have levator-ani syndrome.At first my pain felt worse but after a couple of weeks things settled down.

I definately had a lessening of Intensity of pain and in conjunction with specialist physio it helped a lot with symptoms.

Treatment was effective for about 3mths then had it repeated.

As with any medical treatment you should seek advice from your doctor as to what would work best for your symptoms. Hope things settle down soon for you!!!!

Thanks for all of the replies unfortunately I woke up in the night with increased pain and it is carrying on today this is now 16 days after I had the block. Not sure what if anything I can do, like everyone on here I am used to dealing with pain but this is on another level, I have even started to have very dark thoughts.

Oh how I hate to hear this! I’m so sorry for your pain. Mine started 11 yrs ago and I was in agony and started having dark thoughts too😩. After many many different treatments, I now just take oral CBD everyday. Finally found something that works! I just went on a 700 mile round-trip by car with NO PAIN‼️ I pray you and all the others find relief soon 💗

I’m so glad you have found a remedy that works. How much CBD do you take, and how frequently. I’m presuming it’s not from a High Street health shop? Am struggling with pain management so would be delighted for more information - thank you😊

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