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Private laparoscopy

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In uk what is your experience how much it costs?

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I had a friend who researched this as she decided to go private after long waiting lists but was fortunately covered by her partners health insurance from work. 3 years ago in London the cost was £10,000 but if something goes wrong or you need a surgeon present to check and remove endometriosis in or on the bowel costs will be higher including increased costs for length of stay needed. If you are in another part of the UK costs might be slightly lower but again it’s easy for costs to escalate. I’d suggest you’d need to have at least twice the amount of money put by just in case. So in London I’d suggest having nearer to £20,000 saved to cover unexpected costs. Most specialists/hospitals will give you a total cost but that would be for the planned surgery, usually the cost of the anaesthestist and possibly a stay of one night if the specialist feels you need it. But if something goes wrong, or you need to stay in unplanned this won’t be covered by the costs quoted. I hope this helps.

Thanks one private hospital quoted me lower

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That’s good news but make sure you have everything that they have quoted is written down clearly for you and that you are aware of any extra costs should you need extra time in hospital or if something goes wrong

I’ve just had a Laparoscopic hysterectomy in Edinburgh, it cost £6.5k, 2 night stay. It was like an operation in a spa as opposed to long NHS waiting list of over a year. Got done within 5wks of consultation (they are busy because NHS list is so long). Best thing I’ve done after being in so much pain for over 18mths. That’s me just started 2nd wk recovery.

Good Luck xx

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