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Just wanted to ask some advice really.

I suffer with awful periods, huge painful clots and cramps and bloated hard stomachs.

Outside of my cycle, I am feeling persistently bloated after eating, even small amounts.

Does this sound like fybroid symptoms?

Thanks so much

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Arrange a GP appointment and request a referral to obtain an ultrasound, which will determine if you have fibroids. Good luck!

Hello, this sounds very much like it could be Fibroids. I had very similar symptoms to this last year. If you speak to your GP they will refer you for an Ultrasound scan and arrange treatment for you.The blood clots can be particularly scary and not something that you should have to put up with. You may want to take an iron supplement to help maintain normal levels while this is happening.

Wishing you all the best xx

Melc1975 in reply to K5100

Thank you so much xx

Hi, you could have fibroids, which are contributing to your heavy and clotted periods. These periods may leave you feeling exhausted. Iron tablets from your GP, who should check your blood for levels, is better than over the counter ones in my opinion. I had a slow releasing iron tablet as could not stomach taking 3 at regular intervals. X

Melc1975 in reply to Jar70

Thank you so much xx

I had the same symptoms and found out it was a medium/large fibroid. Also had worryingly low iron levels because heavy periods so maybe some blood tests to check that would be good. Made a few lifestyle changes and feel like a new person today.Try to not eat any sugar, caffeine, alchol when you're on your period and it will make a hell of a difference.

All the best xx

Melc1975 in reply to Alice_86

Thank you so much,So pleased that things have improved for you. Did you need to make dietary changes? Xx

I have the same thing after I eat I always get bloated I’m pretty sure it’s the fibroids could ansi be your uterus leaking on other organs from adenomyosis or endo either way I would get it checked out if u haven’t already

Submucosal fibroids are located in the endometrium which is the inside layer of the uterus. It is the only location of a fibroid that causes heavy menstrual bleeding and large blood clots. Submucosal fibroids can be removed. Whether they can be shelled out (a vaginal procedure) depends upon the size. If a submucosal fibroid is <4cm it can be shelled out, which is done vaginally. Submucosal fibroids larger than 4cm can be removed by a gynecologist who is skilled at performing myomectomy which is surgical removal of fibroids. More information at HERS

Melc1975 in reply to norawc

Really helpful thank you so much x

Hi, I don't have fibroids but if you find out it is fibroids, there is an enzyme called Serrapeptase that can help. Several women on this forum have taken it and it has dissolved their fibroids. I take it for endometriosis. It will increase pain levels for a few weeks. Worth starting on the lowest dose (80,000iu). Women with fibroids say they get brown discharge for a few weeks but I believe this shows its working.

Please make sure you check drug interactions if you do decide to take it.

Have they given you Tranexamic acid for the heavy bleeding? It works very well

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