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Does anybody know of a dr or surgery that offer pudendal nerve radio frequency? Or neurostimulators? I can’t keep going to France for treatm


I have had pudenal nerve decompression surgery. After an initial improvement in my pain I am now unable to stand and walk. My surgeon in France recommended neurostimulation but where on Earth do they offer this? I’m really struggling.

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Not sure but you could ring the Walton Centre in Liverpool, it is a centre for neurology only. Lots of neuro specialists there. Wishing you all the best.Suzie

Hi 1980natty Sorry you're unable to stand and walk because of the pain.

My pain management doctor does my procedure. Tried one stimulator which didn’t work at all. Now going to try DRG which is dorsal root ganglion stimulator. I am in California

Hi My name is Jill I live with chronic pain and eventually plucked up courage to have a Boston Scientific spinal chord stimulator at Leeds LGI. I am so pleased with it and the neuromodulation department have been great. I am on a reducing programme of my pain medication. The pharmacist phoned today and have a plan for the next 6 weeks for further reduction.

1980natty in reply to VELoce21

Is the Leeds in the uk? I need help here in England, it’s crazy it seems there is no one to help me xx

VELoce21 in reply to 1980natty

Yes Leeds is in the UK. In the county of Yorkshire.

1980natty in reply to VELoce21

What is the name of this dr please? Is he NHS or private? Xx

This is the best news I’ve heard all year!!!.... please can I have the name of your dr and the hospital you are at? I will see if I can get a referral xxx

swarke22 in reply to 1980natty

Hi there, the pain consultant in Leeds is Doctor Baranidharan, he’s a nice guy and he loves doing these kind of operations. He told me they put a temporary one in for a couple of weeks and if it works, they put a permanent one in a few weeks after. Hope that helps.

1980natty in reply to swarke22

Thank you, yes this really helps! Did you get an NHS referral? Or is it private? X

Hi, I got both. I saw him privately because I knew his secretary but then I saw him on nhs. Good luck he’s a great guy. Sadly my condition needs an orthopaedic surgeon.

You can have extern stimulation like the TENS and intern then you need a operation you can find it on you tube interstim is for axample a brand . I have PTNS ( also extern stimulation ) for my over active bladder from a uroloog it also reduced my pudendal pain.

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