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Anal irritation


Has anyone experienced anal irritation after bowel problems caused by rectocele? Any tips on how to deal with this? Making me very anxious.

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Your muscles and nerves are probably reacting.... I've been through about a year of it and 7 months of physical therapy for pelvic floor... once the nerves are irritated it takes a while for them to settle down and even when they settled down somewhat there are flare-ups here and there so just be patient and perhaps get yourself an assessment with a pelvic floor physical therapist... You may also need some muscle relaxers which helped me a lot....sometimes the meds that calm the nerves down like gabapentin may be needed...also some hemorrhoid ointment with anesthetic in it helps even if you don't have hemorrhoids...

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Thanks for your reply. I hadn’t thought about nerve issues and had presumed it was skin irritation. Makes sense as there was nothing to see on the skin. Will be patient, as you recommend!

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