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Help needed

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Need to find a physical therapist or a dr who can confirm and diagnose my problem

Most likely I have pudendal neuralgia

But could also be pelvic flaw disorder

As symptoms are similar to both of these conditions

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Ask your own doctor, they can refer you for help

I did the dr said to me look at forums and see where the people were referred locally to me to so he could refer me to the same dr

It's been 13 years trying to get a diagnoses

For my condition which I am sure is pn

After doing all the research my self

As Drs kept passing me around to different Drs got no where all this time

In milano

They only work on this area

Thank uou

Depends where you are. Use google or another search engine to type in a search for physiotherapists /pelvic pain or men's health. This should find you someone in the UK at any rate. The search function here on the website will come up with some suggestions too.

All the best!

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Mohammed1985 in reply to edythe

Thank you

A pelvic disorder muscle wise can been showed by measering your muscles some PT can do that with sticking electrodes on you. PN is a diffeculty with your nerves.

Within uk normal route is through your GP who should refer you to local hospital/clinic. Depending on your symptoms GP should refer you to relevant department, they normally work to a list of known specialists. I have never heard of a GP ask a patient to find their own specialist unless you are going with private health care. I'm sure many on this forum would agree that getting a diagnosis is exhausting and can be a long upsetting journey. As symptoms can be similar in a lot of conditions it can involve a lot of tests and being referred to different departments. I myself have endured endless tests and visits to various consultants and after more than 20yrs I now have a firm diagnosis and treatment plan. Hopefully you can find the right specialist and get a final diagnosis allowing you to move forward with your treatment.

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Mohammed1985 in reply to Skye22

Hi yes you are right but because over the last 13 years they haven't sort of got me in the right direction all they do is put me through to urologists who don't seem to understand and are ready to do operations etc with out even having a diagnoses

Today I have an appointment with a pain specialist let's see what he can say

Also I told my go that I am on a group pudendal neuralgia

On Facebook also I am on health unlocked he basically said find out if there is someone who had treatment local so we can get things moving for quickly

This is a new gp I joined

So he is eager on treatment

And he agrees that rather than going everywhere and anywhere through the groups find someone who has been to a local specialist and he said he will refer me straight to them to make things easier and quicker hoepfully

Thanks you for your input it helps a lot

I went through months of agony with this until I found a chiropractor who used a form of acupuncture called dry needling to treat the nerve. After two treatments over the course of five days my pain is almost completely gone. I'm in the US, so I'm not sure how that works where you are. I had been to five doctors and Vanderbilt University's urology clinic and none of them could treat the issue as I was being told it was a urological condition.

Same here they kept on sending me to urologists

But I have managed to locate a specialist dr who deals with pelvic flaw and also pudendal neuralgia and also found some details for a physical therapist

Through this website

Oh what are doctors like. Yes look online then. Hope you find help


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