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Urethral divertivulum

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Hi all,

I have endometriosis and recently had an MRI scan. This shows I have a urethral divertivulum wrapped around my urethra (apparently this is quite rare)

I just wondered if there is anyone here from UK who has had treatment for this and is it general a surgical procedure? I would like to hear others experiences with this also recovery times etc. Thank you xxx

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i'm intrigued. first of all can you tell me why you had the mri..what symptoms did you have? i suppose you've been going through hell for a long time and nobody could give you a diagnosis..maybe ibs diagnosis if they have no idea..i would be surprised if you get any replies to your post.i've been researching for 7 years and dr google has failed me.. so sorry i cant be of any help but please keep us all posted on your journey back to health..i had my mri beginning of december and am still waiting for results..i.m living in spain and its a bit manana here. i.m sure that now you have your diagnosis that they'll want to fix you as you are an exception to the norm..yes i am a bit of a cynic..go with the flow girl..let them do whatever it takes.. merry xmas or happy holidays.

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