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Prolapse natural help?


Hi. I'm 48 with stage 3 prolapse (cystocele & rectocene) and stage 2 prolapse of uterus but think the other two are keeping that up like a pessary! I'd like to get on with my life rather than living like an invidid. My youngest is only 12 so I need to be mobile without worrying about everything falling out or not lifting or being in pain. I'm too scared to try the surgery at this time. I am hypermobile and know that the surgery rates are not great for that condition. I'm also family history of autoimmune so the mesh would probably mess me up. Has anyone found any natural remedies or programs that actually work? Some thoughts are nutrients for the tendons, muscles; the ultraviolet system for vagina rejuvenation; Whole Woman program (especially interested in people's results for this one); even homeopathy if it would work. I read recently an article on a guy that fixed his hernia naturally but he did put something in place to press on it while he worked on the insides. Not sure if that would work for me. So, any thoughts and observations most welcome. Thank you.

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I am so sorry to hear of this ... and hope that you get some good comments/help here.

I am very interested to hear what anyone can add.. Apologies that I can only commiserate with you, and show my concern and good wishes (praying for you)

Sorry about your problem! Not a lot you can do for stage 3 prolapses except a good pessary ring which actually is a good foundation in holding up prolapse or native tissue repair so not to use the dreaded well publicised mesh.

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