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Help! Possible Pudendal Neuralgia/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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I have suffered from excruciating and debilitating pelvic pain since the birth of my son in January 2015. I have seen two physical therapists for pelvic floor dysfunction after referral by my OBGYN. On two ocassions, the pain subsided with the physical therapy ... and then went away completely for almost a year, and now it is flared up again. I was in the ER last Friday with what I thought was a kidney stone - the pain was so bad! I did have a little bit of a bladder infection along with horrific pelvic pain. After a follow-up appointment with my urologist and OBGYN, I have started physical therapy again for pelvic floor dysfunction, but it does not seem to be helping as well as it has in the past. My new PT said that she thinks I have pudendal neuralgia after performing an internal examination.

Currently, I take Flexeril for muscle spasm and Tramadol for pain. Occasionally, I take hydrocodone for severe pain. I was also diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in 2009.

The pain is just excruciating, and is the worst when I am sitting. I work part-time currently, just four hours a day, and I receive social security disability because of depression and interstitial cystitis.

What treatments do you all find beneficial for pudendal neuralgia? Please provide any info that could help me to find some relief with this.

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Belbuca 150mcg buccal

I’ve tried everything .. this is working for me

With history of IC you should have had a c section.. can’t believe these doctors. IC is classified as PFD abs natural birth shouldn’t be considered. I take nortriptyline and Lyrica plus occasional Targin, I also do resistance stretching program for tight pelvic muscles

You need to seen by a reputable pain specialist in a multidisciplinary clinic. Make sure you are given Pain Clinic Intake Forms. They are usually about 10-12 pages asking you detailed questions about how you believe your pain arose, where it started, what are your symptoms, draw on a picture of a nude body the spots where you have pain and describe it...throbbing? Burning? When I sit it feels like I have a rock in my vagina, perineum, rectum.

Actually, where IS your pain the worst? Can you breathe through it? Does it affect urinating? Does it affect bowel movements? Can you lift grocery Bags? Can you bend over and pick up something off of the floor without it causing worse pain?

I think you need fluoroscopy or CT guided nerve blocks into the nerve root. Have you tried vaginal suppositories containing Valium and Lidocaine at bedtime? Hang in there. It is so unfair that sufferers have to advocate to the level of a health professional when they are exhausted and consumed with worry about not being able to function, work, exercise and socialize. Keep calm.

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