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Cervical excitation?

Hey again,

Just wondering if anyone has been told they’ve had severe cervical excitation upon pelvic exam. The internal exam was PAINFUL beyond actual belief, there were tears, screams, the lot. From google I understand that cervical excitation is associated with PID but upon a urine sample being dipsticked there was no sign of infection so this can’t be it right? She said I may have endometriosis which is being further investigated. Any advice or knowledge is appreciated!!

Thanks xx

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Adenomyosis is the other condition that invades the eddometrium the wombs lining and is within the womb, not adhesions to the other organs like endometriosis, you could have either.

I had an internal that made me jump off the bed on the right hand side being prodded. I spent 3 days in bed on painkillers after the "routine exam".

I have Adenomyosis.

My endometriosis has cleared up post surgery for thst in 2012.

Good luck.

An MRI is how you will get accurate scan and a Gynaecology consultant is how youl get an accurate translation of the scan.


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Is it possible to have both? As I believe the endo could have spread to my abdomen which explains some of my other pain and symptoms - which isn’t possible with adenomyosis, right -mad it’s internal? I’ve just had a clear internal and external ultrasound which doesn’t help my case at all. Xxx


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