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Chronic pain worsening :(

Hi, I’ve only just found this group but I’ve been suffering with severe pelvic adhesions following 2 complicated c sections. It’s been 4 years since I had my last child and I’ve had multiple, unsuccessful laparoscopys and my pain is worsening daily. I have been told my only option surgically is an open surgery hysterectomy but given that my bladder is completely stuck to my uterus I’ve been told there’s a high chance my bladder will be damaged during the surgery. I’m currently taking codeine as pain relief but it’s getting less and less effective and the pain is constant and getting unbearable. Has anyone been through similar and can recommend where I can go from here in terms of pain management or alternative therapies?x

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I am experiencing the same thing. All my Doctors tell me adhesions don't cause pain. I had colon surgery 5 years ago and I know I have adhesions. I see a pelvic floor therapist and she can feel the adhesions when she messages my stomach. I had 2 c-sections then a hysterectomy. The Doctor found many adhesions when he was doing the hysterectomy.


Hello. I am so terribly sorry to hear of your continuous pain. We are all here with some form of pelvic pain. I have not had the same ops that you have had and do not know what to suggest as I do not have a bladder adhesion. I imagine it may be a very good idea to get a second opinion with another pain specialist if possible. I did have a hysterectomy via the virginal passage due to a different problem ( all in my profile) which you will see left me with an enormous amount of pain. Having read a lot of other peoples problems on this site most people are left with scar tissue following operations which causes extra pain. I sympathise with you enormously and hope and pray that you will be given a better chance via a consultant who will be able to give you the best options. Bless you and give you courage, which I know at times is a hard ask. Best wishes,



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