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Loyola Pelvic Pain Clinic

Hi all!

I have an appointment at Loyola Pelvic Pain Clinic in Chicago. I am wondering if anyone else has been there and had success?

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I've just seen Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald at Loyola in Maywood. I highly recommend her. She is very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable regarding pelvic pain.

I was diagnosed after a VERY thorough examination with pudendal neuralgia. Given a prescription for MRI, PT and gabapentin to start.

If you are in the Chicago area I highly recommend her.


When you mention the cluneal nerve, are discussing the inferior cluneal branch of the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve(PFCN) which innervates the lower inner buttocks?

Is Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald at Loyola a peripheral nerve surgeon or a gynecologist that does pudendal nerve surgery? The pudendal nerve does not go to the buttocks but the PFCN does.



I actually have pudendal neuralgia. Dr. Fitzgerald is an OB/gynie/physiatrist. She is not a surgeon. She would refer you to a surgeon.


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