Pain on left side

Hi I've been having pain on my left side for a couple of weeks now. I can't turn over on my left hand side. When i stand up it hurts in the ovary area to walk. I also have a lump on my left side of my belly button. It feelslike a cramping feeling all the time but it gets worse from sitting to standing or walking. I even have a slight limp.

Has anyone any suggestions on this please xx

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  • Sounds like a hernia, does it hurt to cough? I'm sorry that you're going through this, I'm going through something similar but doctors are checking my kidney on my right side because I also have stones. Any history of anything else? Have you been lifting heavy things or recently sick? Surgeries?

  • I've not lifted anything heavy. Or had an surger. It does hurt to cough.

    Its just painful 24-7

  • Any changes in bowel movements? Is the lump hard? What happens when you push on it?

  • i cant empty my bowels at the moment. the lump is hard.

    i have an appointment on weds at the warrell unit at st marys hospital and an appointment on thurs at Manchester royal infirmary with a gastrentorology so hopefully find out more then.

    i got tramodol on prescription today

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