Pendulum Nerve Damage

Pendulum Nerve Damage

I have been suffering from chronic pain from injury to the pendulum nerve. I have tried meds, intense therapy and chiroprators and things seem to help for a short time and then it is back. It is absolutely ruining my life and I am desperate for help. Can anyone tell me how to find a doctor in Huntsville Al, Birmingham Al, or Nashville Tn?

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  • Hi, do you mean pudendal nerve as in the nerve that innervates the genitals and rectum? Sorry I've not heard of pendulum nerve'

  • does any one know about pulsed radiofrequency for pudental neuralia?


  • Hi, you can google this for more information.

  • Hi rarediva, I also suffer with Pudendal Nerve symptoms so I know how this effects you and it is a life changing condition, especially as by your photograph you are so young. However from my experience I would recommend that you google ' pudendal nerve specialist ' in your area. One thing is that the USA is far more advanced in the knowledge, understanding and treatment of this condition than where I am in the UK. The first thing is to go to a pain management consultant who specialises in the Pudendal Nerve to have pain management injections along side the pudendal nerve. The injection contains a steroid, Cortisone, which is an anti inflammatory medication also Lignocaine which is a local anaesthetic used to reduce pain and numbs the area. This will reduce the inflammation around the nerve therefore reducing the pain. This injection is given under CT Guidance so the Doctor administering the injection can actually see the Pudendal Nerve. The injection is given along side the nerve. Please google ' Pain Management Injections ' also Pudendal Neuralgia and Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. The anatomy of the Pudendal Nerve, which is very complex as there are three branches to each Pudendal Nerve on the right side and left side of the body. This condition will continue to get worse if you don't get the right management which is why I advise you to google a ' pudendal nerve specialist 'in your area and get an appointment as soon as possible. The ' Pudendal Nerve Specialist should be able to let you know if this is Pudendal Neuralgia or Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. Please also google 'www. health organisation pudendal nerve' for information, on both conditions relating to diagnosis and treatment. Your Pudendal Nerve Specialist will need to take a history of when this condition started and what your symptoms are when it started and what they are now so just make a few brief notes. I wish you all the best. If you need any further advise or support we are here for you. xx

  • I have been dealing with pain in my penis for over 12 years I was told there is nothing they can do for me are they wrong is there something that can be done I am desperate

  • Could you say which country you live in. Have you been seen by a uroneurologist or any other specialist for this condition. I am asking this so we can perhaps come up with some suggestions.

  • I live in Oklahoma City and I have found no one to help me it's been a long 12 years it started when I was 35 I've been to neurologists urologists I've had fusion surgery I just want help

  • Hi, I have googled: Pudendal Nerve Specialist, Oklahoma City and received a list of Doctors specialising in Pudendal Nerve Entrapment on the website Pudendal Education in each state.

    The Pudendal Nerve Specialist in Oklahoma City is:

    Doctor Seyed Abbas Shobeiri

    825 NE 10th Street

    Oklahoma City

    OK 73104

    Telephone: ( 405 ) 271 9493

    Telephone ( 405 ) 271 5239

    I hope this Doctor can help you. I am afraid many of us have been seen by many specialists i.e. neurologist, uro-neurologists and like you they do not seem to know a lot about diagnosing this condition.

    The only way to go is to a Pudendal Nerve Specialist.

    Good Luck and I hope you get the treatment you need.

    If not google the information: Pudendal Nerve Specialists, USA. There are quite a few states that have a Pudendal Nerve Specialist.

    Contact us again if you need further advise or support. XX

  • There are the Beaumont Hospitals in Minnesota that you could look up Pain Management Specialists. They also integrate your care with other specialists to ensure you get a diagnosis and the right treatment. I wish we had hospitals like this in the UK... Just Google Beaumont Hospitals, USA

  • You can join the National Vulvodynia Association for $45. They will then provide you with a list of doctors in your area who specialize in working with Pudendal Nerve problems......that's how I found several doctors in NJ.......still not better , but getting closer.....

  • Hi,

    I'd search for a neuroradiologist at a major hospital as close to you as possible. That person should be able to refer to to a Gyn or urologist that also works with them on things like botox and nerve meds you try as the first line with pudendual nerve entrapment. You need to have the nerve block and try the nerve meds and continue the therapy with those doctors. That is what they will require for a year or more... just following a set of their protocol is best because is you need to be more invasive you don't want to wait too long but you don't want to go cutting to your body of they. An pull the ligaments away from the nerve and get it to calm down. They also wanted me to go to a special pain psychiatrist but they are two hours away so I found out about Healing Pelvic Pain. It was very helpful and led me on a journey about understand more about how my mind has also assisted in this so once the nerve starts firing you need a little more help. I was very into cycling in college and then I could go on so it's physical made sense too. Many don't have a connection why it fires. Hope it helps...

  • Did you ever go to a sports injury specialist? I think this therapy could help you.

  • What are the symptoms of that? I have on and off right low Pelvic pain comes every third month not sure if it's cyclical or what going to primary Thur šŸ˜¢Ultrasound and x ray normal showed functional cyst when I pee it feels a little strained and low back pain aches and pains down back both legs

  • Dr Dellon Maryland, check my bio

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